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How to choose your restaurant’s dinnerware

Discover what you need to do to choose the best dinnerware for a restaurant and use it as a powerful marketing tool.

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TheFork Festival

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3 tricks to increase your restaurant’s profit margins

Discover the 3 indispensable steps for consistently increasing your restaurant's profit margins.

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Discover how the future of restaurants will be

The future of restaurants faces challenges. Read this summary about the most expected trends and prepare your business as of now.

  • Attract new customers
  • Manage your bookings more easily
  • Retain your customers
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Boost your bookings with sport events

Sporting events: Discover how to make the most of them to maximize your restaurant's occupancy rate and to boost your revenue.


Send newsletters to attract and retain customers at your restaurant

Discover the key points for effectively and consistently sending newsletters to attract and retain customers.


How to promote a healthy restaurant on Instagram

Use these tricks to promote your healthy restaurant on Instagram and turn your followers into fans of your establishment.


How to earn more tips at the restaurant

Use these 10 pieces of advice to earn more tips in your restaurant and spark your customers' generosity.


Take advantage of the end-of-the-year holidays to fill your restaurant

Don't miss out on the most effective measures to fill your restaurant's tables on Christmas and at the end of the year. Cheers!

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Offer snacks to attract and retain customers

Attract more customers by offering snacks in your restaurant and take inspiration from our ideas with the guaranteed wow factor!


Meet our Team at TheFork: James Walmsley

James Walmsley joins the team as Head of Marketing at TheFork Australia


How do clients feel about the INSIDER selection?

Find out how your clients feel about the INSIDER selection and what they like: who they are, and what affects them most when they experienced INSIDER.

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