Ideas for attracting clients on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here. It’s time to organise your restaurant for one of the industry’s most profitable times of the year. The interesting thing is that Recent changes in consumption habits offer a wider variety of options for Attracting clients on this day.

We even have the opportunity to extend its influence and continue attracting clients in the weeks that follow. Here are our suggestions for this Valentine’s Day:

TheFork Ideas for attracting customers on Valentine's Day

TheFork Ideas for attracting customers on Valentine's DayOffer a tailored food selection: A personalised and flexible selection are among the trends that clients currently value the most. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for a restaurant to demonstrate its generosity by serving dishes that are tailored as much as possible to their diners’ preferences. It is a way to spoil them on the day in which this quality will be appreciated the most.

TheFork Ideas for attracting customers on Valentine's DayYou can analyze your order history and determine the most popular dishes to set up a menu with the items that your clients order the most. If you have TheFork Manager and enter your clients’ preferences in our database, you will have all the information you need to put together the most appetizing menu for this day.

If you still do not have ResDiary but would like to try it out this Valentine’s Day, Click here.

TheFork Ideas for attracting customers on Valentine's DayAnti-Valentine’s Day trend. Every year, there are more people that they eat alone and even people who view this day as “shallow”. You can also attract these clients! By giving them the option of Fully customising their meal to their tastes. For instance, the option to create their own salads or combine appetizers that are usually not served together, order a customized cocktail, etc. “Order what you want and we will make it happen.”

TheFork Ideas for attracting customers on Valentine's DayWork double shifts to serve everyone. Valentine’s Day is an event where restaurants can make the most money. Don’t let your restaurant be the exception! You can organize your reservations so that, during every dinner service, you can fill your tables two and even three times. You can even organize your reservations according to the type of clients, friends, couples and groups and thereby have better control of supply production. To double your table sizes with TheFork Click here.

TheFork Ideas for attracting customers on Valentine's DayReward your diners with a post-Valentine’s Day follow up. Considering the fact that it is a day on which you will have the most visitors, you would be well-advised to take advantage of it, turn them into loyal clients and invite them to come back afterwards. 

TheFork Ideas for attracting customers on Valentine's DayGive special promotion to your “Valentine’s Daycampaign” on TheFork To ensure 100% occupancy. In addition to publishing your menus for this day on your profile, you can also run special discounts, activate the waiting list to avoid losing any clients and activate credit-card reservations (to prevent no-shows). Contact your Account Manager at TheFork by clicking here.

TheFork Ideas for attracting customers on Valentine's DayAdvertise your “Valentine’s Day campaign” on social media. Here are some original ideas: Publish Instagram stories about famous couples and their favorite dishes with a call-to-action phrase that invites people to celebrate Valentine’s Day in your restaurant. And you can also playfully attract people who dislike Valentine’s Day by making posts with phrases such as “You are your own best company, treat yourself to dinner at our restaurant”.

Do you feel like filling your tables with love and diners now? It’s the perfect time to do so! And at TheFork, we make it very easy for you.

Add your Valentine’s Day promotion, which will appear on your page on TheFork and on your reservation button. You will also have the option of configuring the system so that users can only reserve your special Valentine’s Day menu on February 14th.

And if you still do not have a profile on TheFork, don’t worry, click here to start and make the most out of Valentine’s Day.

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