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Send newsletters to attract and retain customers at your restaurant

Discover the key points for effectively and consistently sending newsletters to attract and retain customers.

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How to promote a healthy restaurant on Instagram

Use these tricks to promote your healthy restaurant on Instagram and turn your followers into fans of your establishment.


Take advantage of the end-of-the-year holidays to fill your restaurant

Don't miss out on the most effective measures to fill your restaurant's tables on Christmas and at the end of the year. Cheers!


Halloween at your restaurant: how to fill your tables

Don't miss out on these ideas to spectacularly celebrate the Halloween holiday at your restaurant and surprise your customers.

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  • Manage your bookings more easily
  • Retain your customers
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Segment your customers to provide personalised service

Discover the nature of your customers by conducting detailed segmentation at your restaurant so you can offer them what they like the most.


14 tricks for your restaurant pictures on social media

Try these tricks to create the most impressive pictures of your restaurant and attract more customers via your social media.


How to create an event for the restaurant’s Facebook page

Here are the most important steps for creating a Facebook event for your restaurant and filling your tables.


How to add a restaurant to Google Maps

Follow these steps on how to add a restaurant to Google Maps, position it and increase your profile on this platform.


Key points for retaining customers in your restaurant

Find out which customer-retention strategies are best suited for your restaurant. Full tables and happy customers!


5 tricks to attract tourists to your restaurant

Would you like to consistently attract tourists to your restaurant? Try these tricks and you will see the difference. Tourists will love it!


Table for one: How can we satisfy single diners?

Single diners are just as important as all other clients. Win their hearts with these tips to keep them coming back to your table.


Responding to a positive or negative review: why it’s important

Read our tips on how to answer a positive or negative review from your customers on your TheFork and TripAdvisor pages.

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