TheFork and Idealpos

TheFork and Idealpos, a leading hospitality point of sale supplier, have an innovative integration tool that allows restaurants to be more efficient and deliver seamless service to customers.

The feature allows restaurants to automatically sync their Idealpos platform to their online restaurant diary (TheFork Pro powered by ResDiary). This has been designed to allow restaurants to effortlessly seat guests and update table status’ throughout the service. You are also able to collect more data about your customers such as their favourite cocktail, while their total itemized bill will be stored in their ResDiary profile.

Restaurants can also take advantage of the integration’s guest recognition benefits, meaning that staff can take note of customer preferences in order to deliver a better dining experience.

This partnership is a win for both restaurants and customers. Restaurants can utilise the system to operate more efficiently and customers can expect five star service in any establishment from the moment they walk through the door. This technology can optimize the entire dining experience, making it flawless from the moment the customer walks through the door to the moment they sign the bill.

Top 3 benefits of the TheFork and Idealpos integration:

  1. Smooth Processes: guests with reservations can be seated quickly through ResDiary which will instantly update table status in Idealpos. Walk-in customers can also be quickly accommodated as free tables can be monitored through Idealpos or ResDiary and instantly capitalised on.
  2. Clear Visibility: when a status changes in either Idealpos or ResDiary the changes are reflected in the alternate system. This means staff have their finger on the pulse throughout service. They can know when the mains have been called, when the bill has been presented, when the guest has paid and the table needs to be cleaned.
  3. Customer Profiling: guest information can be automatically saved into the Idealpos database. This allows the venue to monitor information regarding the customer’s dining preferences and spending habits. Idealpos will send transaction details (bills and transaction total) back to ResDiary and this information is stored in the ResDiary customer profile.

It means a seamless reservations experience for customers who use both products and an improvement in customer service across the board. Restaurants will be able to deliver a smoother, more professional and more attentive service to their diners.

We also integrate with the below POS systems:

  • Ordermate
  • Impos
  • Micros
  • Pixle Point
  • Bepos
  • Vectron

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