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Everything that a briefing at your restaurant should include

Learn about topics to discuss in your business's briefing or status meeting. These are crucial for restaurant management!

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TheFork Expands its International Presence

#Industry Trend

How to attract clients with an open kitchen

Discover how to attract more clients with an open kitchen. The perfect trend for offering a multi-sensory experience.

#Restaurant Management

5 menus of the day for building customer loyalty

Read about some menu of the day options that are very effective for building client loyalty any time of the year.

  • Attract new customers
  • Manage your bookings more easily
  • Retain your customers
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#Industry Trend

TheFork Reveals the 2019 Global Dining Trends

Learn more about the culinary trends of 2019 and how you can use them to attract more customers to your restaurant: technology, environmentally friendly initiatives...


6 crucial factors for clients when looking for a restaurant

Here are the 6 things that clients take into account when reserving a table. Indispensable in marketing for restaurants.

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Serve Grandma’s recipes and increase restaurant sales

Add Grandma’s recipes to your menu to help increase restaurant sales!

#Restaurant Management

11 key factors for attracting Generation Z to your restaurant

Discover how to attract Generation Z clients to your restaurant

#Industry Trend

Why include gluten-free dishes in your culinary offering?

Find out why having gluten-free dishes in your restaurant could be good business and a great way to stand out today and in the future.


Ideas for attracting clients on Valentine’s Day

Is your restaurant ready to attract clients on Valentine's Day? Here are some ideas so that you can achieve full capacity.

#Restaurant Management

Reduce your carbon footprint in restaurant management

Read this mini-guide on how to reduce the carbon footprint in your restaurant management and have a more sustainable business.


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