How to attract clients with an open kitchen

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The kitchen is a sacred space in any restaurant. It is the place where cooks work their magic to delight clients. This is why opening this treasure has been one of the main trends for attracting clients in recent years. It is a strategy that helps us to:

-Convey a greater sense of confidence to clients.
-A powerful way to attract attention.
-Allow for an emotional interaction and connection between the diners and kitchen staff.
-Offer a multi-sensory experience

Open kitchens are an excellent way to attract diners, not only for the curiosity of trying our food but also to experience the food "show".

TheFork How to attract clients with an open kitchen

How do I create an open kitchen to attract clients?

TheFork How to attract clients with an open kitchen First of all, you must determine how much you want to reveal, which procedures do we want our clients to see, and which part of our kitchen will remain hidden. For instance, some restaurants only show the most attractive part, such as the firewood kitchen or the grills, but there are also restaurants that accept the complete challenge and open up most of their processes.

TheFork How to attract clients with an open kitchen Second of all, you must determine how clients will engage with this open kitchen. They could participate from afar and sit at traditional tables with viewing points, or they could be seated at bars that are part of the kitchen and participate directly.

TheFork How to attract clients with an open kitchen Lastly, you must establish operating parameters that in any case will be different from those of a traditional kitchen.

Activity protocols to ensure that everything runs smoothly

Opening this space to customers' senses entails a great responsibility. It means that the restaurant is transparent and that it has nothing to hide in its kitchen. Quite the opposite, since what happens in the kitchen is worthy of sharing and even admired.

It is a challenge that requires the following:

-Strict tidiness and cleanliness parameters before, during and after each dinner service.

-Meticulous task planning to make the kitchen an orchestra where nobody is "out of tune".

-Consistent maintenance for equipment, installations and utensils to ensure that they are always impeccable. Weekly inspections of drains and grease accumulation.

-A strict protocol for staff uniforms and appearance so that they look attractive to clients (aprons, chef hats, gloves, etc.).

-Protocols for reducing the noise that is created by the activities to avoid excessively annoying clients with the sound of pans, pots, etc.

-Various ventilation systems so that the smoke and odors do not negatively affect the dining experience.

-Special emergency protocol. Everyone must know exactly what to do in case of fire, accidents, or negative unexpected events so that clients don't even notice.

The interesting thing is that for cooks, following these parameters and showcasing their work inspires them to be more organized, creative, and to show their passion for cooking in a more honest way. On the other hand, the fact that they can see the clients and their reactions to the food can also help them better acquaint themselves with their tastes and preferences.

Tip: An open kitchen staff and the chef in particular must have the talent to put on a great "show". For obvious reasons, people who are very serious or shy will not do a good job working in open kitchens.

TheFork How to attract clients with an open kitchen

The design of open kitchens

The most utilized design is copper or metallic furniture combined with bricks or wood, blending technology with organic materials. The minimalist style is also very common; it makes perfect use of the space and does not overburden with unnecessary decorations.

Let's say that the perfect open kitchen design is one that allows you to exhibit a natural and attractive kitchen in the eyes of clients while simultaneously being 100% functional for cooks. For instance, you can have eye-pleasing lighting that also provides good visibility for the team.

Size is also an important factor when determining the design of open kitchens. It all will come down to the restaurant's characteristics. For instance, there are restaurants whose signature dish is grilled meat, which is why they only show this spectacular part of their work. There are also restaurants that use a smaller, counter-like format where their cooks decorate and put the finishing touches on dishes in front of their clients. Like the restaurant Akademia in Syracuse, Italy:

TheFork How to attract clients with an open kitchen Akademia

But there are also open kitchens with an integrated dining room design where transparency is at its highest and so is customer participation. Like in this succulent exhibition of the restaurant Dstage in Madrid

TheFork How to attract clients with an open kitchen Dstage

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