Attract new customers with Yums, TheFork's loyalty program

22 September 2019

What are Yums ?

These are the points earned by customers when they book on TheFork.

Diners can then exchange their points for discounts on reservations in a participating restaurant... Which could be yours!

The points are awarded as follows: a reservation via the app earns TheFork customers 150 yums, whereas a reservation made on a computer or mobile site earns 50 Yums. When they have earned 1,000 Yums, customers get a $20 discount. For 2,000 Yums, the discount is $50. 

Why should restaurant owners participate in the loyalty program?

  • To get more reservations through exclusive visibility. When you join the loyalty program, you get the "Yums accepted" mark and a dedicated banner on the site, as well as a presence in the Yums section of the app's home page, emails, and dedicated push notifications. Only 2 to 5% of TheFork partner restaurants have such visibility!
  • You attract the best TheFork customers! Customers who benefit from the Yums program are very regular: they make an average of one reservation per month, all year round. Generally speaking, they are very reliable customers (only 0.4% no-shows, for example) who book earlier.
  • Real opportunity to retain customers in the long term: 22% of customers return to the same restaurant after a reservation via the loyalty program and with an average of three visits!
  • You manage your reservations in the best possible way. Customers cannot combine reductions. They cannot combine Yums points and special offers on the same reservation. The loyalty program is limited to a single use per reservation, irrespective of how many people occupy a table.
  • TheFork co-finances the loyalty reductions, so the loyalty reductions that you apply will be automatically deducted from your TheFork invoice for the following month, up to 50% of the total in the form of a credit note.

How does the program work for partner restaurants?

1 - Your restaurant receives the reservation with the loyalty discount via TheFork Manager.

2 - You deduct the loyalty discount directly from the customer's bill at the end of the meal.

3 - The following month, TheFork, deducts 50% of the total of the loyalty discounts in the form of a credit note.

INTRODUCTORY OFFER = To celebrate the launch of our new loyalty program, Yums redemptions will be 100% financed by TheFork until the end of 2019.
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