Dimmi to TheFork FAQ

1 January 2019

Has Dimmi changed to TheFork?

Yes, from Monday 7 January 2019, Dimmi will be known as TheFork. Our new website is www.thefork.com.au

What does it mean when you say Dimmi will be changing to TheFork?

We have rebranded and our name has changed from Dimmi, our company will now be known as TheFork. From Monday 7 January, every single restaurant that is bookable on the Dimmi website will now be bookable on TheFork website and apps. All Dimmi restaurants have been automatically transferred across to our new website, www.thefork.com.au. Customers who visit the Dimmi website will automatically be redirected to TheFork website.

Who is TheFork?

TheFork is a leading online restaurant discovery and booking platform in Europe. Founded in France in 2007 by professionals and experts in the restaurant and new technology sectors, TheFork connects restaurant and diners in an innovative way. TheFork is bookable in 10 European countries, with over 50,000 restaurants, 12 million reviews and 19 million visits to the site each month. TheFork is part of the TripAdvisor portfolio of websites and businesses.

Why are you changing your name to TheFork?

For almost 10 years we have helped connect restaurants with diners. From an idea drawn on a napkin, Dimmi is now Australia’s leading restaurant reservation service with over 4,500 restaurants across the country ranging from hatted fine dining establishments to more casual suburban eateries. We’re proud of supporting Australian restaurants and endeavour to do what we can to help diners make new discoveries and return to old favourites time and again. Now part of TheFork, we’re focused on growing into a global brand, bringing more diners, more choice and opening up their restaurant possibilities.

What was the process for picking the new name and logo?

The process unfolded over several months. Prior to making the decision to re-brand, we conducted consumer research to understand more about our customers and if TheFork would resonate with an Australian audience. The results of this research showed that 73% of our respondents had a strong preference to TheFork, they understood the offering clearly and felt it was relevant and professional. Our next step involved consulting with a local brand agency to understand how best to bring TheFork brand to life in the Australian market, to ensure it reflected our local culture and what diners want from restaurants. After finalising our brand identity, we began the process of redesigning our website, apps, promotional, sales and communication materials.

How does rebranding help ensure continued growth?

Our growth from a small startup company to an industry leader has been rewarding, a few examples of this include:

  • Dimmi was placed on the BRW Top 100, Deloitte Tech Fast 50 Australia and Asia lists
  • We launched Dimmi Payments, giving restaurants solutions to take pre-payments and help reduce no-shows
  • We were acquired by TripAdvisor in 2015, to add restaurant reservations to its portfolio, turning us into a truly global business
We’re continuing to build on the momentum of this growth and grow our position in the market by rebranding to TheFork, a place where every diner can easily find the right restaurant for the right occasion. Our goal is to open up the world of dining, to help customers discover more than what they’re looking for. Importantly it positions us as more than just a platform, it shows that we are shaping trends and sharing insights and knowledge. We’re confident that joining forces with TheFork will help accomplish our goals for the future.

What exactly will be changing?

Dimmi has rebranded to TheFork. Our website is now www.thefork.com.au. We have a new logo, a new website, new apps and new booking widgets. We have updated our colour palette, which has been carefully considered to bring warmth to our brand. Our new photography will be all about food discovery and the enjoyment of coming together for a meal. We will also be using new fonts to reflect our modern brand and bring a sense of discovery.

Will the Dimmi website still work?

No it won’t. From January 7th, when you visit the Dimmi website you will be automatically redirected to our new website, www.thefork.com.au.

Can diners still earn reward points when they book and review my restaurant?

Yes, diners can still earn reward points on TheFork in the same way that they did on Dimmi. Diners earn 1,000 points for each completed booking and if they write a review after they have dined, they will earn an additional 1,000 points. In total they can earn 2,000 points for their reservation and review. Once they reach 10,000 points, they will be able to use them to claim a $20 voucher to spend with their next booking at TheFork Rewards participating restaurants.

TheFork rewards program is a great way to get more exposure on TheFork and get more diners into your restaurant. If you would like to know more or be part of TheFork rewards program, please contact our local Australian Support Team on 1300 337 761 or email support@dimmi.com.au.


What do I have to do?

The good news is that you don’t have to do anything for your restaurant to be bookable on TheFork. All current Dimmi restaurants have been transferred across to the new platform and will be bookable on TheFork from Monday 7 January.

If the Dimmi logo or URL is featured on your website or in any promotional materials, then you will need to update this with the new logo and URL. All logos are available for you to download from here. The new URL that you should use is www.thefork.com.au

If you have a Dimmi booking button and or widget on your website, this should be updated automatically. If it doesn’t, please contact our local Australian support team on 1300 337 761 or support@thefork.com.au.

Now is a great opportunity for you to ensure that your restaurant page is up to date with current images and menus. To do this please login to your Restaurant Dashboard via <insert link> and you will be able to upload your own menus and images for your TheFork profile. If you don't know your login details or you need help using the Dashboard, please contact our local Australian support team on 1300 337 761 or support@thefork.com.au.

When will I have to transition across to TheFork?

All of your information has been automatically transferred to TheFork platform for you. TheFork.com.au will be live and available to use from Monday 7 January 2019. You will need to update any Dimmi logos, URL mentions or booking widgets with TheFork branded items on Monday 7 January 2019.

Will the costs be changing?

No, there will be no changes to the costs.

Will my restaurant be automatically moved across to TheFork?

Yes, your restaurant has been transferred to www.thefork.com.au and is available to book on our new website and apps from Monday 7 January 2019.

Will I still have the same Dimmi contact when you change to TheFork?

While our name is changing, our local team and our Sydney HQ is staying the same. You will still have the same local contact who can help you with any queries you have. If you’re unsure who your local Account Manager is, please contact our local Australian support team on 1300 337 761 or support@thefork.com.au.

Will all of my restaurant information be transferred across to The Fork?

Yes, all of your restaurant information that is currently available on the Dimmi website and apps will be available on thefork.com.au.


Will I still have access to everything in my Restaurant Dashboard?

Yes, all of your current information in your Restaurant Dashboard will now be available on TheFork Restaurant Dashboard.

Will my login details to TheFork Restaurant Dashboard stay the same?

Yes, your registered username and password will stay the same. If you don't know your login details to access your Restaurant Dashboard please contact our local Australian Support Team on 1300 337 761 or support@thefork.com.au.

Do I use the new TheFork Restaurant Dashboard in the same way as the Dimmi Restaurant Dashboard?

Yes, the new TheFork Restaurant Dashboard will work in the same way as the Dimmi Restaurant Dashboard and look exactly the same.

When will I lose access to my Dimmi Dashboard?

From Monday 7 January when you try to visit the Dimmi Dashboard you will be redirected to TheFork Dashboard.

What happens to my current Dimmi bookings?

All of your current bookings will still be valid and will be transferred across to TheFork. These will all be available for you to view in Resdiary.

Will I lose my search position when I move over to TheFork?

The search positioning is determined by a number of factors including the number of bookings at your restaurant and your review score, this won’t change when we change to TheFork.

Will my Resdiary login details stay the same?

Yes, login details will remain the same. The fastest way to login is to go here - https://au.resdiary.com/login

You can also login from the TheFork trade website. Go here: http://theforkmanager.com.au/login - and select “Login to ResDiary”


Does the rebranding have any impact on existing agreements or contracts?

No, all contracts under the former company name of Dimmi will remain unchanged under the new name of TheFork Australia. Contracts are still valid as we are still trading under the same ABN 49 135 408 927

Are your bank account details changing?

No, all bank details will remain the same including all BPAY references.

What happens if I pay to the old account name?

All bank details are remaining the same so your payment will still be received.

Will the direct debit details change?

No, all of our bank details will remain the same.

Will you have different contact details?

Our phone number will remain the same. To maintain consistency with our website address, our e-mail addresses will be changing. We will begin to use new email addresses that include @thefork.com.au e.g. support@thefork.com.au  from Monday 7 January.  However, our old Dimmi email addresses will also continue to work and will redirect to our new TheFork email.

Are the Dimmi staff changing?

No, all of our staff are staying the same. You will still have the same local contact who can help you with any queries you have. If you’re unsure who your local Account Manager is, please contact our local Australian Support Team on 1300 337 761 or support@thefork.com.au.

How does this affect your Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn accounts?

We will be changing our social media names to TheFork Australia. If you’re already a fan, please keep following us and tagging us in posts as we’ll simply be updating the username of our existing pages. If you’re not already following us, you can find us at the following handles:





How will regular Dimmi users find my restaurant if they haven't heard of TheFork?

Any of our regular visitors to the Dimmi website will be automatically redirected to TheFork.com.au. We will continue to send out weekly emails to our database of over 1 million diners and make regular updates to our social media channels.

How are you letting new customers know that they can book my restaurant on TheFork?

We are excited to be investing in a brand campaign to launch TheFork into the Australian market. This will include a national TV advertising campaign and a PR launch to consumer and trade media. Our brand campaign will start on Thursday 10th January and will coincide with our bi-annual dining campaign, Restaurant Month.

We will be using our existing channels to announce the rebrand to our database of restaurant lovers. This includes our email database and our social media channels.

We’re working closely with our partners, including TripAdvisor, Google, American Express and Amazon, to help spread the word to their networks. We’re also working with our publishing partners, such as Concrete Playground and Broadsheet, to ensure their readers are aware of the changes.

When can I let my customers know that they have to book on TheFork instead of Dimmi?

You can let them know about the changes from Monday 7 January, 2019.

How can I communicate to my customers that my restaurant is now listed on TheFork rather than Dimmi?

We have created a number of marketing tools to help you communicate the rebrand to your customers. Please use this link to download the assets.

How can I get your new logo?

We will be distributing the new files via email. If you didn’t receive this email, you can download the files from <insert link> or alternatively please call 1300 337 761 or email support@thefork.com.au and a member of our team can help you.

When can I start using the new logo?

You can start using the new logo once TheFork.com.au is live on Monday 7 January 2019.

I noticed that the homepage looks different, will there still be additional opportunities to promote my restaurant on your website?

Our homepage is reserved for hero brand content including imagery and messages that are relevant to our diners. We will from time to time run special features aligned to events, these will also be promoted via our blog, social media channels and email. Your Account Manager will be in contact if there are any opportunities to be featured.


I have more questions, who can I speak to?

Over the next few weeks you will be contacted by your local Account Manager to discuss any further questions you have about the changes. However, if you would like to talk to someone urgently, please call our local Australian Support Team on 1300 337 761 and they will direct you to an appropriate member of the team.

Where can I send any follow-up questions I might have?

Please email your local Account Manager who will be able to answer any questions you have. Alternative, email support@thefork.com.au and our local support team will forward your question to the appropriate person.

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