How to activate the contact-tracing record feature on TheFork Manager

How to activate the contact-tracing record on TheFork Manager

Discover the free contact-tracing record feature on your TheFork Manager software

So, what is the contact-tracing record feature?

The contact-tracing record enables you to collect your customers' details so they can be contacted if someone tests positive: a way to notify customers who may have been exposed to the infected diner. A simple digital solution!

The contact-tracing record is already available free of charge on your TheFork Manager software!

This feature is already available and free of charge on all versions of TheFork Manager software, enabling you to record 1 contact per table/booking on a single platform. This feature is available and free of charge for all your bookings, whether they are made via TheFork, by telephone or in person.

In case, you need to register all the other dinners details of the table, you can use the "note*" feature. *notes can only be downloaded if you have the PRO or PRO+ plans with TheFork

How is this feature activated?

  • Collect your customers' phone numbers for every booking. If you have any questions, please contact your customer service manager.
  • Customers arriving without a booking? You can enter the contact details of these new customers in your booking system via the "New customer" feature. You can then confirm your availability online and get precise statistics for each of your bookings (number of customers with bookings, without bookings, etc.). 
  • Export your data for each service easily. This feature is free of charge on all versions of TheFork Manager software. 

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Take advantage of the PRO version, it's free for all new registrations until 31 December 2020.
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