Join Back to Restaurants

Our mission at TheFork has always been to increase your restaurant revenue and reservations, maximise your visibility and optimise your activity.

To support the restaurant industry and to accelerate your business recover, TheFork is now organising a global campaign: Back to Restaurants


 Back to Restaurants
back to the restaurant

What is Back to Restaurants?

It’s the biggest initiative ever launched to support restaurants in 20 countries, reaching 20 million diners that will enjoy dining out in the 10,000 restaurants participating during the 60 days.

Why participate?

Bring diners back

Benefit from advertising

Increase visibility

How does it work?

Back to Restaurants will take place from September 17th to November 17th 2020. Diners will be offered 50% off their food bill to enjoy dining out at their favourite restaurants, discovering new ones and celebrating with friends, family and colleagues.

back to the restaurant

What’s in it for your restaurant?

Bring diners back

Easily fill in your restaurant!

Participating restaurants are likely to get reservations X 4.5 compared to the weeks prior to the event. A great opportunity to fill in your empty tables!

thefork pay

Multiply your reservations by 11*

Get  your restaurant reservations multiplied by 11*compared to restaurants who don’t participate in the Festival.

*Average during the last Festival January 2020

4 times more reviews and traffic

Get 4 times more reviews and traffic

Benefit from enhanced advertising and get 4 times more reviews and traffic than prior to the event, influencing customer choice thanks to: advertising of the event on TV shows, TheFork website and app, newsletters & social media campaigns. 


Participate to Back to Restaurants to speed up your restaurant recovery!