Participate in the Yums Loyalty Program to attract more foodies in your restaurant

Yums are loyalty points TheFork users can earn when they book a restaurant on TheFork, either on the mobile App or on the website. They can then exchange their points for loyalty discounts on reservations in a partner restaurant… Which could well be yours!

yums restaurant booking

What’s in it for restaurant owners?

Participating in the Yums loyalty program will empower restaurant owners to boost their business by:

  • Getting more reservations through exclusive visibility with dedicated Yums Banners, the Yums section on the App’s homepage, emails and push notifications.
  • Welcoming more and more loyal guests in their restaurant. Users of the Yums program are very regular and very reliable (only 0.4% of no-shows).
  • Getting the opportunity to retain customers in the long run: 29% of customers return to the same restaurant after a reservation via the loyalty program with an average of 2 visits.*
  • Co-financing up to 50% of the loyalty discounts, which will be automatically deducted from your TheFork invoice in the following month, so it's a win-win!
SRP yums

How does it work?

For the user: Foodies will be encouraged to book a table in a restaurant to get Loyalty points, called Yums. 100 Yums are delivery to them for each booking within 3 days after the booking is honored. 

  • YUMS badge
  • Display banners
  • Dedicated Yums selection on TheFork Website & App
  • Dedicated Newsletters sent to users

Why should you participate in Yums?

  • To stand out from your competition
  • To gain greater visibility
  • To accelerate your revenue
  • To get immediate results