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Promote your restaurant to millions of travelers every day

When traveling abroad, we don’t always know the best places to eat out and it’s often difficult to find and choose a restaurant. This is a unique opportunity for you to promote your restaurant with these hungry tourists. Take control of your TripAdvisor profile and start attracting travelers to your restaurant.

“ 415 million travelers use TripAdvisor each month to guide them“

TheFork has been chosen as the exclusive booking engine on TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor has selected TheFork technology to allow your customers to book your restaurant in just a few clicks from your profile. TheFork booking engine allows you to:

  • Receive reservations 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Provide an immediate and automatic response to your customers according to your availability
  • Manage your flow of online bookings to attract customers and fill your restaurant when you need it the most

Allow your customers to make their reservations in their own language

Do you speak Chinese, Russian, or Brazilian? Can you answer the phone at 4am?

It is difficult for travelers to make reservations over the phone in a different language. TripAdvisor and TheFork mean that any traveler can view your restaurant’s profile and book in their own language.

“Your restaurant can be reserved in 26 languages”

Exclusive visibility is reserved for you on TripAdvisor

When you activate your TheFork booking button on your TripAdvisor profile, you will benefit from exclusive visibility reserved for TheFork partner restaurants only.

  • Publication in TripAdvisor newsletters
  • Active promotion of your restaurant when users browse the TripAdvisor site
  • Publication of special offers if desired

“On average, the number of visitors to your TripAdvisor profile increases by 22% after activating your booking button.”

Increase your sales by attracting customers who want to book online

Online booking is now a part of everyday life for many customers. Adding this service to your TripAdvisor profile is an additional way to attract customers wanting to book online.

Do not miss out on customers who are already online and activate your button now.

Activating your TripAdvisor booking button is free.

It’s a win-win partnership, you only pay if we send you covers. A commission per cover will be payable for customers booking online in your restaurant through TripAdvisor (no-shows and cancellations are not charged).

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You don’t have to do anything

Your TheFork advisor will activate your TripAdvisor online booking button and will explain how to set your availability to attract the most customers possible when you need it most.

Activate my TripAdvisor booking button

Every month, TripAdvisor advises more than 415 million travelers in their choice of restaurant. This is a great opportunity to give international visibility to your restaurant. TripAdvisor now allows its users to book directly from your restaurant’s TripAdvisor page. TheFork has been chosen as the exclusive booking system restaurant on TripAdvisor. When you join TheFork, you will have the choice of your own TripAdvisor booking button so you can convert visitors to your page into restaurant customers.

“TripAdvisor also provides me with global visibility. Who has never looked at reviews before making a reservation? They provide a fairly reliable view of the service you’re looking at. All reviews posted on TripAdvisor are a plus because they help us to improve our service”
Diamela Pecci Chiesa
Les Vinyes
“TripAdvisor is simply AWESOME. It gives us unparalleled visibility.”
Antonio Adamuz
“Currently, TripAdvisor is fundamental in a sector that’s part of a new reality, as is the case in Valencia for example, where competition and the number of tourists are very high. With TheFork and TripAdvisor, I started to work more calmly. The main benefit is global visibility, allowing you to increase the number of bookings vastly. In addition, some nights I have bookings that only have been made through the platform.”
Garnacha Marbella
“When you’re featured as one of the top results on TripAdvisor, you’re guaranteed to see your dining room full.”

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  • Your restaurant bookable in theFork, TripAdvisor and more
  • Personalized dining room plan
  • Your reservation button on your own website, Instagram and Facebook
  • TheFork is a team with real people who are ready and waiting to help you

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