TheFork offers a website to all its partner restaurants

Your website can be activated in a few clicks, it’s free, and requires no technical knowledge.

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Online visibility
Increase reservations
Easy installation
Customizable according to how you want it
Adapted for tablets and phones

Your customers are already online. What about your restaurant?

Just like your doorstep, a website is an essential showcase that allows you to attract numerous users looking for a restaurant. So that your customers can find you online, the websites offered by TheFork are optimized for all search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.).

Increase your bookings free

TheFork restaurant sites are free and all feature TheFork booking technology.
No commission is payable for past bookings through your website.
So why miss out? Activate your website immediately.

“30% d’augmentation des réservations en moyenne grâce à votre bouton de réservation”

A website in less than 15 minutes

No need to be a computer expert to activate your site. With TheFork, all the details you add to your restaurant’s page are automatically updated in real time on your site! What’s more, it’s you who chooses the design!

Tailor the design of your website to match your restaurant

Each restaurant is different, so we allow you to customize your site (colors, shapes, etc.) and even use your own domain name if you wish. When they visit your site, customers will already have one foot in the door!

Your site is perfectly suited for viewing on smartphones and tablets

With phones and other connected tablets, customers can check their favorite sites anywhere, anytime! This is why TheFork sites have been designed to work with all types of devices and screen sizes.

TheFork offers a website to all its partner restaurants.
Reservations through your own site are also possible. It would be a shame to miss out!

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It’s easy to set up your website. In just a few clicks, you choose the colors and structure you want, and it’s done! Content is automatically uploaded from your TheFork page so no need to start all over again. It’s a breeze.

Of course, your advisor will be available to help you if you need it.

Activate my website

TheFork offers a website to all its partner restaurants. It’s easy to use, it can be activated in just a few minutes, requires no knowledge of computers, and is ideally designed for the needs of professionals in the restaurant industry. It is a customizable shopfront that can be matched to your tastes, allows your customers to find you on search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.), and book with you easily via their phone, tablet, or from any computer.

“A clear and legible web is almost vital, is the storefront of the restaurant.”
Moun Dahmoun
Le Balcon
“The choice of restaurants is something instinctual, so having a web can induce the customer to book.”
Frédéric LEDOUX
Saigon Panthéon
“A website is a storefront, nice and clear pictures will attract the customers.”
Tran Stéfan
Citrus Etoile
“Una web es la tarjeta de visita de un restaurante. Si la web no es bonita, habrá menos oportunidad de que el cliente reserve.”
David Mouriau

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80% of customers prefer to book online

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  • Your restaurant bookable in theFork, TripAdvisor and more
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  • Your reservation button on your own website, Instagram and Facebook
  • TheFork is a team with real people who are ready and waiting to help you

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