Management and customer retention tools for restaurants

Get to know your customers better and communicate effectively with them to keep them coming back

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Automatic customer file
Personalized service for your customers
Manage customer reviews
Send e-mail and SMS campaigns
Advanced statistics for your business

Automatically create customer files

For every booking you receive, customer information, such as phone number or e-mail, will be automatically logged, clearly and precisely, in your TheFork Manager software.

You can also complete the information you want on their customer file yourself.

Ideal for saving time and so you can know everything about your customers!

Your customers will no longer have any secrets from you or your team

Do you have time to talk to every customer? Can you remember all of them? What about your servers?

The software allows you to see at a glance, in detail, all their preferences and previous reservations.

When you welcome your customers, any member of your team can then tailor their service.
Your customers will feel special and you will earn brownie points.

Stay in touch with your customers

Your customers have things they want to tell you! At the end of each meal, you have the option to automatically send a satisfaction survey so you can gage their overall satisfaction and respond to them if you wish.

A continuous improvement tool for your teams and your restaurant.

“31% of customers report that they avoid eating at restaurants that do not have any reviews.”

Stay in touch with your customers with ease

To keep your customers loyal and coming back, it’s important to stay in touch with them: let them know when your menu is changing, wish them a happy birthday, invite them to enjoy a glass of champagne with you...

With your TheFork Manager software, you can send e-mail or SMS campaigns to your customer database or to a selection of your choice.

View advanced statistics and track your performance

With advanced statistics on your services and your customer behavior, you can monitor your restaurant’s performance in real time.
It is an essential tool so you can better understand your business, identify areas for improvement, improve your service, and increase sales.

Management and customer retention are additional functions to your TheFork Manager reservation management tools.
Standard features, like creating your customer files or accessing statistics, are included free with your software.

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Our team of trainers and your personal advisor will explain in detail how to use your new tool and how to retain your customers.
No need to be an expert, everything is designed to suit the everyday requirements of your restaurant.

I want my customer loyalty tools

Do you know and recognize all your customers? Do your staff? Do you know their favorite tables, birthdays, their last meal with you? Thanks to TheFork Manager, no longer will this be a secret!
Stay in touch with all your customers, respond to their reviews, send them an e-mail with your new menu, or a text message to remind them of your Jazz evening on Saturday. Get your customers coming back now.

“We also really like the customer files because it means we can look back through their previous reservations and always give them a little extra something.”
Diamela Pecci Chiesa
Casa Tua Al Duomo
“Customer information helps us to improve and keep up to date on their specific needs, thereby increasing loyalty. In addition, through the email we can communicate more easily.”
Roberto Tenco
Art Cibò & Cafè
“We always keep the database of our customers updated. This allows us to better know their habits and then make them to feel pampered. We promote our initiatives. On Friday night, for example, there is "dinner and music show" that we remind to our customers through a weekly email campaign that allows us to draw attention to the event.”
Elio Curatolo
“The information we give our customers allows us to improve the food and the service. TheFork Manager helps us to build customer loyalty thanks to the reviews. Moreover, I can inform my clients through newsletters about themed nights and promotions.”
Rosario Schiavo

20% more reservations on average after sending an email campaign to your customers


30% additionnal sales increase thanks to your personalized customer file

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