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With TheFork Manager, you can manage your reservations and services easily from any computer or smartphone

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One place for all your reservations

All your reservations are grouped in your TheFork Manager software, accessible from any computer or smartphone. Whether reservations are made by phone, e-mail, internet, or even walk-in customers, your smart software reservation management allows you to view everything from one place. No need to try and decipher the writing of your commis chef. An end to reservations being lost on a scrap of paper. Save time and receive a notification every time a new reservation arrives.

Because your restaurant is unique, your software can be adapted to your needs

  • Collect and add the information you want to appear in your reservation diary (column order, room number, staff, menu types, etc.)
  • Configure your dining room plan to match your restaurant
  • Adapt messages (e-mail and SMS) to match the style of your communications

“Since I'm working with TheFork Manager I have noticed a 50% increase in my turnover rate. - Lelisé”

Simpler and more efficient, save time in organizing your services

  • Track late customers in real time, and monitor those ready to leave
  • Distribute work among your staff
  • View your customers’ special requirements with the click of a mouse: a high chair? dietary restrictions? a wedding anniversary?

You’re ready for a faultless service

“Now I save a lot of time, I just take a quick look at the bookings and in a few minutes I've decided about the service, organization etc. - Slora”

Increase your occupancy rate and turnover

We all know that at an unoccupied table during service means loss of revenue. Your TheFork Manager software helps you to optimize your occupancy rate and therefore your revenue.

  • Is your phone constantly off the hook and your restaurant completely full? You can close online booking.
  • Maybe one week is quieter and you would like to receive more reservations? Simply increase your online availability
  • Perhaps all your customers arrive at the same time and you would like to attract more to your first service? Make a special offer available at the start of the service only

“Since I'm working with TheFork I have noticed an increase in my rate of employment and turnover by 25 or 30%. - Restaurant Les Vinyes”

Follow your restaurant in real time from anywhere

Your TheFork Manager electronic booking diary can be accessed from any device: computer, phone, tablet...

You no longer need to call the restaurant to find out how many reservations you have for tonight; everyone can access the reservation diary as soon as they have access set up.
You can also set different access levels for different users and track any changes they make to reservations.

You will have free access to the standard version of TheFork Manager, our reservation management software for restaurants. This version easily and effectively replaces your paper booking diary so you can take the first steps to precise management of your reservations.

A premium version is also available. It allows you configure your Yield Management strategy (revenue management) and to fully optimize your occupancy rate. Fully customizable to match your restaurant, it is a powerful tool for managing your services and reservations.

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Our team of trainers will explain to you and your team how to use this new tool so that you can get the most out of it. You can choose your training according to your needs: in your restaurant, at our offices, or over the phone.

After this, your personal advisor, who knows TheFork Manager reservation management software like back of their hand, can help you to manage all its features.

I want TheFork Manager

The reservation management software, TheFork Manager, allows you to optimize your occupancy rate and rotate your tables. You can centralize your reservations easily and manage services in real-time. This software has been designed together with our partner restaurants and continues to evolve each day to suit the needs of all restaurants.

Tapioca Chill & Cocina
“TheFork allows me to manage my reservations more professionally.”
Valvinei Souza
“TheFork Manager is very easy to use and very convenient because reservations are recorded in your diary without you even noticing, and you can even view them your smartphone.
This means that, no matter where you are, you can coordinate the staff you need for the service, plan the food for certain tables where you know there’s a vegetarian diner, or someone that’s gluten intolerant, for example.”
Diamela Pecci Chiesa
Jai Alai
“The program is always open on my computer. My screen shows empty tables, so I
don’t have to count them manually.
When I greet customers, I use the iPad ... the possibilities are endless.
Since I started using TheFork Manager, I have noticed some fundamental changes: I can check my reservations anywhere, every one of the staff can view them, I can view a log for each customer in single click, I can see how many times they’ve visited, I can make email campaigns...”
Maria José Bustingorri
“TheFork Manager simplifies everyday tasks enormously when it comes to managing reservations and customers. This is a major change. We use it all the time throughout the day. The software is practical, educational, and reliable”

30% time saved on the reservation management


32 000 restaurateurs use TheFork Manager

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  • Booking centralized in one software
  • Actual availability per day
  • Your restaurant bookable in theFork, TripAdvisor and more
  • Personalized dining room plan
  • Your reservation button on your own website, Instagram and Facebook
  • TheFork is a team with real people who are ready and waiting to help you

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