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Loft 39, case study

“TheFork restaurant software allowed us to handle bookings more easily...”

Loft 39

Before using The Fork, we did not know how to make an effective management of the bookings, we had no vision of stocks in real time and we did not have a tool to communicate with our customers. TheFork is undoubtedly the best; it greatly facilitates our life. In addition, the mobile app is an essential tool. We're all hooked on it. You can be anywhere and you see easily the status of your restaurant.

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"If the most famous restaurants are working with “TheFork” why not us? The attention that TheFork pays to its customers is its biggest advantage. The person who takes care of me is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I can send him a
message, I press “send” and I’m already on the phone with him."
Mª Dolores Luna Toro, Garnacha Marbella
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"TheFork is a booking tool that’s essential nowadays."
Atalanta, Fernando Serrano
"TheFork allows me to increase the number of reservations daily with the least amount of effort and reach new potential customres because our restaurant is located in a quiet area and this audience relies on an
important and reliable network."
Cafè Mandacarú, Sheila Bonet

"TheFork gives my restaurant visibility and makes it easier for customers to find high quality food. The attention that TheFork pays to its customers is incredible. The goal of my representative is to sell me. I am involved throughout the decision making process. I am really happy. What I like about TheFork: trust and security. TheFork is our partner (other portals want to call me “partner”, but I don’t let them, TheFork on the other hand…).ElTenedor es nuestro Partner, hay otros portales que intentan llamarme socio y no lo permito, con ElTenedor, sí."

Marta García, Platería.

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