Cookie Policy


The aim of the The Fork cookies policy is to give you information on cookies used on the The Fork website, including their purpose and the means at your disposal to stop cookies being installed on your terminal.

1. What are cookies?
Cookies are information files installed on your computer by the Internet websites you visit. These cookies help save browser information, such as browser preferences and profile information.

2. Which cookies does our website use?
Cookies can be created by our website or come from third-party websites.

The Fork PHPSESSION_ID Pass session information (user login for example) from page to page
The Fork _icl-current-language, _icl_current_admin_language Store information about the language that is configured in the user’s browser and shows the website content in the preferred language
The Fork wp-settings-8, wp-settings-time-8 Installed by the content manager system that uses this website to ensure the it is displayed properly in multiple browsers
The Fork WordPress_test_cookie Installed by the content manager system used by this website. It checks whether or not the browser has cookies enabled
The Fork wordpress_logged_in To keep you logged in to our dashboard
ShareThis stOAuth, __uset, __stdstillery, __stgmap, __stdlxmap, __stid, ShareUT, __stamap, __stacxiommap, __unam, __stid, __stdlxmap, __stgmap, UIDR, UID, __qca, __unam, na_rn, na_id, na_tc, na_sr, ab We use ShareThis to help us distribute our content. ShareThis offers online services and applications that allow users to share content on the Web more easily
CloudFare __cfduid We use CloudFare to remove security restrictions based on IP address of the visitors to access our site
Google Analytics __ga, __utma, __utmz, utma, _utmb, _utmz, _utmc, _utmv We use Google Analytics to measure the web traffic

3. Configuring your cookie settings
a. Via your browser
You can change your cookie settings directly on your terminal, enabling or disabling the use of cookies by configuring your Internet browser settings. Cookie settings can vary from one browser to another:
• On Internet Explorer™ : • On Safari™ :
• On Chrome™ : • On Firefox™ :
• On Opera™ :

b. Via cross-industry platforms
Cookies can also be configured online on cross-industry platforms. In order to do so, log on to the Youronlinechoices website, developed by EDAA (European Digital Advertising Alliance) digital advertising professionals and managed in France by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) France:

• This European initiative lists hundreds of internet advertising professionals and offers a centralised interface enabling you to configure cookies most likely used to target the advertising displayed on your terminal’s browser. Please be aware that this procedure will not stop adverts from being displayed on the Internet websites you visit. It will only block the technology that helps target advertising to your terminal’s browser and your interests.

c. Via certain websites Some websites allow users to manage their privacy settings directly. Users can then find out more about the cookies saved by the website and choose whether to disable these cookies:

Google Analytics: To manage your Google Analytics privacy settings on the Google website, visit the following page:

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