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Live music at restaurants to draw more clients

Learn how to organize the best concert evenings at your restaurants and draw more clients. Turn up the music!

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Mothers’ Day in your restaurant: increase your reservations

#Restaurant Management

How to take over a restaurant and make it a success

Taking over a restaurant and accepting the challenge to make it a success is a complicated adventure. Read our basic steps to make it a successful one.

#Industry Trend

Increase your sales with a grocery store at your restaurant

Get inspired with these tips for setting up a grocery store at your restaurant and increase your sales. It's a trend!

  • Attract new customers
  • Manage your bookings more easily
  • Retain your customers
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#Restaurant Management

How to prepare for a health inspection at your restaurant

Take note of the most important points for preparing for a health inspection at your restaurant.


How to take great photos and boost your bookings

How to take great photos of your restaurant and boost your bookings: read our photographers’ tips and tricks to optimise your profile

#Industry Trend

Food pairing: how to use it to invigorate your menu

#Restaurant Management

Key factors for the perfect restaurant service

Here are our key factors for making your restaurant service perfect. A difficult—but not impossible—challenge.


How to find the best restaurant names

Apply these ideas to find the best restaurant names, those that attract customers and achieve high visibility.


11 marketing tricks to attract more customers to your restaurant

Apply these 11 marketing tricks to consistently attract more customers to your restaurant over the long term.


How to increase engagement on your restaurant’s Facebook posts

Apply these restaurant marketing ideas to increase engagement on your Facebook posts.

#Restaurant Management

15 ideas to open a successful restaurant

Take advantage of our tips for opening a successful restaurant from the start. Are you up for the challenge?

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