Discover what COVID-19 sanitary measures restaurants are taking

23 October 2020
Discover what COVID-19 sanitary measures restaurants are taking

Covid Restaurant Safety practices

In the uncertain climate of Covid, the restaurant industry has been strongly impacted and both your staff and your clients might not feel 100% secure about coming back to the restaurant on a regular basis. To better support you and reassure both your staff and your potential customers, TheFork has listed some ways you can make your clients and staff feel safe and comfortable.

What do we advise our restaurant partners:

Display the Covid Measures in place in your restaurant

Making sure you comply with your local health & safety regulations is key to reassure both your staff and customers. Restaurateurs should also:

  • Keep up to date with the most recent rules for your restaurant locality as different restrictions apply across different parts of the country.
  • Respect of social distancing measures.
  • Implement a contact-tracing record.
  • Limit activity to table service with seated customers only.
  • Ensure spacing of one meter minimum between each chair.


That is why TheFork has created a COVID badge which makes it easy for diners to recognise those restaurants that are adhering to relevant safety practices.  All these measures once implemented can now be displayed directly on your restaurant page with TheFork’s COVID badge.


Restaurants featuring our COVID badge will display all of the relevant safety practices they are adhering to, such as:

  • Card payments accepted
  • Extra cleaning service implemented at the tables, toilets and kitchen
  • Food served only at table
  • Guest spacing 1m
  • Hand sanitiser for customers
  • Single use products on the table
  • Staff wearing masks


The main benefit of Covid Measures display: When users arrive on your restaurant page on TheFork, they can directly see that you are applying strict rules to protect them and ensure a nice and safe moment at your restaurant.


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