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Put your restaurant in the spotlight on a world-renowned app and website

With more than 60,000 restaurants and 20 million monthly visits, TheFork is the #1 restaurant discovery and reservation platform app in Europe and Australia.

TheFork App appears at the top of the App Store and Play Store listings which makes it easier for customers to find you. With 30 million downloads of TheFork App to date, we can help you increase your visibility towards more potential diners.

Meet your customers where they are: online.

Get a customised page for free

As a partner restaurant you will get a customised page with your photos, menus, reviews and great visibility for free. You only pay for guaranteed reservations. You will also have the ability to manage your restaurant’s images and update the information on your profile (menu, pictures, prices, opening hours etc.).

  • This detailed profile provides an online showcase for your restaurant and allows you to be more visible online.
  • By posting selected photos of your restaurant's atmosphere and appetising dishes, your future diners will want to experience what they see. Bear in mind that the photos of your restaurant featured on your profile come second in the ranking of the three factors that have the greatest influence on reservations, after the location of your restaurant and even before customer reviews!
  • TheFork makes every effort to ensure that your restaurant is optimised on search engines (Google, Bing...) and works with a network of over 100 partner sites.
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Encourage customer reviews to increase your visibility

Increase your ranking thanks to good customer reviews. After their meal, you can invite your customers to review their dining experience on TheFork. They will receive an email from us, inviting them to comment on their experience. Reviews contribute to greater visibility because you will:

  • Attract new customers who read reviews before choosing a restaurant.
  • Good review scores contribute to your overall ranking on TheFork.
  • Motivate your staff by sharing good customer feedback.
  • Learn about areas for improvement that could impact your reputation.
  • Engage with customers that were less satisfied, to maintain credibility and show that customer satisfaction is important to you.

Be bookable on your own website for free!

Do you already have a great website? Enable your customers to easily book a table in only a few clicks thanks to TheFork’s free booking widget. Installing this widget is simple, follow these instructions and enhance your customer website journey by providing them with an opportunity to book a table whenever they want.

Don’t have a website yet? We also offer a customised website to increase your chances of being discovered online by future customers. You can use your own domain name if you wish and tailor the website to your restaurant’s branding. All websites offered by TheFork are optimised for all search engines (Google, Bing etc.) and are fully responsive in order to be optimised for all devices.

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