2019 Restaurants Challenges and Solutions

Published 02.10.2019 - Last update 02.10.2019

Based on FoodDrinkEurope Data & Trends report, the Food and Drink sector is the largest manufacturer sector and it is the leading employer in Europe. Food and drink products are the largest household expenditure and restaurants represent together with hotels 8,6% of the overall expenditure. Even though there are many challenges – old and new – that the industry must to face. Based on a study commissioned by TheFork to the research company Doxa, there are several changes impacting the industry from the tech boom within the users to the research of experiential dinners. A part from the web marketing activities, restaurants also have to address historical challenges as empty tables outside the pick hours of the week, the need of a reduction in the cost of operations and to increase efficiency during pick hours. TheFork and TripAdvisor Restaurants Solutions offer solutions to this challenges. We will discuss about it during during FASTFOOD & CAFÉ & RAVINTOLA 2019. We wait for you!

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