Why include gluten-free dishes in your culinary offering?

Published 12.14.2018 - Last update 12.14.2018
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There are an increasing number of restaurants that strive to delight their customers with delicious gluten-free dishes that are well-prepared and are a good value for the money. Having this type of offering is certainly a boon for celiacs, because until now it has been pretty difficult to find a good gluten-free menu and a restaurant that would care about them.

TheFork Why include gluten-free dishes in your culinary offering? The interesting thing is that there are many customers who, despite not having this condition, seek to take care of themselves, maintain their figure and follow the health trend by choosing these types of establishments over the rest. Taking into account these habits, it is very clear to us why having a good gluten-free offering in restaurants is an increasingly strategic move:

TheFork Why include gluten-free dishes in your culinary offering? Because it is an excellent way to improve the business's brand image. A restaurant that has gluten-free dishes sends the message that it cares about customer's needs and that it perfectly adapts itself to consumption habits. It is also a business that is regarded as having an understanding of this type of cuisine, that is set up to prepare it and that makes the effort to satisfy various types of customers.  

TheFork Why include gluten-free dishes in your culinary offering? Because it opens the door to winning over and retaining various types of customers. If a restaurant offers gluten-free dishes, it will obviously attract celiac customers, but it also conditions the purchasing decision of their family, friends, co-workers, etc. In other words, it attracts groups of people who will surely become regular customers. This is in addition to people who love healthy foods, who will also prefer these restaurants if given the choice.

TheFork Why include gluten-free dishes in your culinary offering? Because it allows us to anticipate a future consumption need. The "gluten-free" community is growing. It is a market sector that will undoubtedly play an increasingly important role in the restaurant industry. Therefore, joining this trend is and will be a great way to stand out from the fierce competition, in addition to being good business.

TheFork Why include gluten-free dishes in your culinary offering?

Here at TheFork, we are also taking part by including the "gluten-free" label on our platform so that restaurants can specify that they have these types of dishes and, of course, so that customers can find these offerings more easily. One example is the restaurant Bül in Paris, whose kitchen and team meet the required standards to be a gluten-free restaurant that specializes in this type of cuisine.

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Truthfulness is the greatest form of advertising for a gluten-free restaurant

One thing that gluten-free and organic restaurants have in common is that their potential customers need to have the confidence that the kitchen is prepared to offer gluten-free service, like in organic restaurants, where people need to trust that all their products are truly free of chemicals.

Accordingly, there are 3 signs that indicate that a restaurant is truly offering gluten-free dishes and what builds trust in their customers and makes them come back:

TheFork Why include gluten-free dishes in your culinary offering? They announce if they are 100% gluten-free or if they only have some gluten-free dishes. Accordingly, there is a big difference between having a prepared kitchen, a chef and staff who are experts in the art of baking, cooking and serving without cross-contamination, and an business that has some products (normally pre-made and purchased) that are free of these allergens. And this will probably be the first question that a celiac customer will ask before going, since it may not be suitable for them. As such, it is crucial to have complete transparency in this respect.

TheFork Why include gluten-free dishes in your culinary offering? Offerings are varied and delicious. It may seem obvious, but there are many celiac customers who complain that some restaurants claim to have gluten-free dishes but afterwards serve foods that are very barebones and bland. This is in contrast to businesses that do it right by having dishes that have been created and perfected until they reach a level of quality that that truly delights the gluten-free palate.

Of course, if the variety also includes a gluten-free offering for children, then it is a great sign, since it shows that it is a business that families trust to feed their celiac children. Furthermore, if the same restaurant has various desserts that are gluten-free, then it is worth re-visiting.

TheFork Why include gluten-free dishes in your culinary offering? Table service is efficient and cautious. Another sign is that dining hall staff care about properly serving their celiac customers by paying special attention to the person that has ordered these types of dishes in order to avoid making mistakes when serving them at the table and when placing cutlery and utensils, since it may cause them health problems.

Ultimately, it is a place where customers have a sense of security about what they eat and are delighted in all 5 senses. A place where they can have an experience that is just as pleasant as those of "gluten-free" customers and where the price is fair when they receive the bill.

What do you think? Do you think it is good business to have a gluten-free offering?

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