How to earn more tips at the restaurant

Have you ever wondered how to earn more tips in your restaurant? Although tipping customs vary between cultures and countries, customers generally tend to reward excellent service with generosity, by giving a tip. 

There is actually a lot of psychology involved in subtly encouraging clients to give juicy tips. They may do so to acknowledge exceptional service , or because they feel a particular connection with their server, or simply because the team’s attention to detail turned the meal into a fantastic experience. 

We’ve put together some tricks to help you make these situations happen. Jackpot!

TheFork How to earn more tips at the restaurant

TheFork How to earn more tips at the restaurantWelcome customers warmly.Greeting customers with a big smile and welcoming them warmly makes a great first impression when they arrive, and also makes them feel like you’re happy to see them, which can translate into extra tips.

TheFork How to earn more tips at the restaurantBe engaging. Studies confirm that servers who take care of their appearance and have an engaging personality are more likely to earn tips, because they make a very positive visual impression on customers. 

TheFork How to earn more tips at the restaurantIntroduce yourself.Some restaurants have a policy of introducing staff by their names, which is a strategic move when it comes to  connecting with clients and receiving more tips. It’s a way of creating a more personal relationship. 

TheFork How to earn more tips at the restaurantUsing friendly touch strategically.Lightly touching the customer’s shoulder, for example, can signify trust and closeness, and can also help the customers feel more empathy, and therefore tip more. 

TheFork How to earn more tips at the restaurantFrequently approaching the table. Customers also appreciate, and often reward, staff that takes a real interest in their well-being. This means that servers who approach the table frequently to check if everything is going well are more likely to receive tips than those who don’t. 

TheFork How to earn more tips at the restaurantEstablishing empathy through conversation. The most important thing for earning extra tips is winning customers’ trust and making sure they spend a pleasant, interesting evening. Talking with them and finding things you have in common is very effective. 

TheFork How to earn more tips at the restaurantPresenting a relaxed, cheerful mood. Restaurant guests also appreciate friendly and relaxed teams, who maintain good vibes no matter how busy the establishment may be. This ambiance also stimulates their generosity when it comes to tips. 

TheFork How to earn more tips at the restaurantAnticipate customers’ needs.One of the best qualities of a good server is being able to quickly anticipate what customers may need: extra napkins, an additional table setting, a glass of water, more bread, etc. Customers will be pleased with such quick, attentive service, and will want to leave a bigger tip. 

TheFork How to earn more tips at the restaurantCongratulating customers for their choice. We all like feeling assertive, especially if it means choosing the best dish in a restaurant. By congratulating a guest on their choice, the server grants them a small sense of triumph, which they may acknowledge with a tip. 

TheFork How to earn more tips at the restaurantAdd a detail to the check. Once you’ve taken care of all of the above, and the customer is pleased with the service and their experience at the restaurant, it’s best to close with a final touch in the check like a hand-written “Thank you” or a smiley face, for example. 

Of course, when it comes to earning more tips at the restaurant, the most important thing will always be ensuring the quality of the food, the service, and the ambiance. Once that base is covered, all of the staff’s extra efforts in the dining room can shine, resulting in bigger tips. Good luck!

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