How to improve your rating on TheFork

Published 03.01.2017 - Last update 06.12.2017
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  1. On TheFork website, the average rating is 8.4/10.
  2. Where does your restaurant stand?

On TheFork website, the average rating is 8.4/10.

Where does your restaurant stand?

A high restaurant rating has a positive effect on the number of reservations. It's a deciding factor for customers when they are choosing to book a table in a restaurant.

Remember: All the reviews left on TheFork are from customers who booked and kept their reservation. These reviews are subject to moderation rules.
Additionally, customers receive an email 3 hours after their meal inviting them to leave a review and a rating based on these 3 criteria : food, meal and the settings.

How to get a good customer rating.

We explain the best practices to bear in mind to improve your rating and receive more reservations:

  •  Treat all your customers the same way whether they have booked through TheFork or not. If you don't and some customers get preferential treatment this can cause dissatisfaction.
  •  The photos on your site must be good quality and actually reflect the reality of your restaurant. This avoids the customer being disappointed on arrival.
  • Don't let your customers leave on a negative note.  If you feel that your customers are disappointed, don't take the risk of them going home unhappy, talk to them before they leave your restaurant.
  • At the end of the meal, ask your customers to leave a review and rate your restaurant on TheFork website. This will encourage your satisfied customers to leave a positive review and a good rating!
  • If the customer has booked with a special offer and if the opportunity presents itself, reminder him/her on arrival of the conditions of this special offer.
  • Train your staff to be welcoming, to be attentive to your customers and to recognise regulars.
  • Check with your customers in the middle of the meal to make sure everything is ok
  • Remember the preferences of your regular customers (favourite table, usual wine etc.) to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Tell your customers in advance if a dish isn't available and if possible take it off the menu.
  • Make sure your customer waiting time is reasonable.
  • If customers arrive and their table is not ready, give them an aperitif while they wait so that they enjoy waiting.
  • When you seat your customers if possible avoid putting them at a table in the passageway, near the toilets or in a draught.
  • Remember that you have the right to respond to all reviews posted on your restaurant listing. By responding to a negative review you maintain your credibility and limit the impact that this review might have. In addition, these reviews help you to identify your restaurant's strengths as well as areas for improvement.
Table of contents
  1. On TheFork website, the average rating is 8.4/10.
  2. Where does your restaurant stand?
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