Promote “LaFranceAuResto”,"Todos a los Restaurantes", and "Italia Al Ristorante" campaign to attract new diners to your restaurant

Restaurant Owner

Dear restaurants,

We’re thrilled to count you among restaurants benefiting from the ambitious unprecedented campaign “LaFranceAuResto”,"Todos a los Restaurantes", and "Italia Al Ristorante", aimed at bringing more diners to YOUR restaurant.

From July 15 to September 15, TheFork is committing 20 million € to revive the restaurant industry, offering any new diner in Italy, Spain, and France 20€ to dine out via TheFork Pay mobile payment solution. 

Now that your staff is fully trained on the usage of TheFork PAY, spread the world online and promote your restaurant participation in “LaFranceAuResto”,"Todos a los Restaurantes", and "Italia Al Ristorante" on all your marketing channels to attract more new diners.

To support your communication strategy towards your diners, we have developed a “La France Au Resto”, "Todos a los Restaurantes", and "Italia Al Ristorante" communication Toolkit for you with ready-to-use examples to promote your restaurant.

Feel free to follow this guide!

Poster to showcase the campaign 

Download your poster below and print it to promote the campaign in your restaurant and catch the attention of potential diners passing by.

Social Media Posts on Instagram

Below are some ready-to-use Instagram posts for your feed and story with suggested text that you can use as is or adjust to your liking. 


Text:  Dear Diners, from today until 15th September, all new users of TheFork can book a table and dine with us at [RESTAURANT NAME] with €20 off the bill! We are taking part in the “TODOS A LOS RESTAURANTES” campaign and we are excited to welcome you with this offer 

🍴 Reserve a table with us using code “ALOSRESTAURANTES” at!



Instagram Stickers for Stories

Campaign Instagram Stickers

Spice up your Instagram stories with campaign specific stickers easy to add onto photos or videos in a few simple steps: 

  1. Choose a photo or video and add it to your story like normal
  2. Click the square smiley icon which is the fourth icon at the top right of the story screen to access stickers
  3. Use the search bar to find our campaign specific stickers by searching the codes “Au Resto” , "ALRISTORANTE", or "ALOSRESTAURANTES"
  4. Add the sticker by clicking it and easily move it around for perfect placement to top off your photo or video and let diners who see your story know you are apart of “La France Au Resto” 
  5. Share your story to your feed like normal

Email sample 

Subject: First time booking our restaurant on TheFork app? Get 20€ OFF*!

"Dear diners,

With summer holidays underway, our restaurant [RESTAURANT NAME] is all set to welcome you and your friends & family to enjoy tasty gastronomic moments together.

From July 15 to September 15, TheFork commits 20 million € to revive the restaurant industry offering any new diner in [Country Name] 20€ to dine out via TheFork Pay e-payment solution. 

Amazing news for you! Spread the world and get 20€ off the bill with the code AURESTO", ALRISTORANTE", or "ALOSRESTAURANTES", for your first booking on TheFork app!

The whole team at [RESTAURANT NAME] is looking forward to seeing you!

Don't delay, book your table in our restaurant today!

Warm regards,


*Offer available only with booking from the app from 15/07/21 to 15/09/21 | min. expense of 21 € and payment with TheFork PAY - Read terms and conditions at: link

Enjoy an incredible event and a nice booking boost this summer!

#LaFranceAuResto #ItaliaAlRistorante #TodosALosRestaurantes

Find terms and conditions links below:






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