How does TheFork PAY work for Restaurants

16 July 2020
thefork PAY

TheFork PAY is the innovative mobile payment solution by TheFork

More and more dinners ask to pay directly from their mobile phone when they are at the restaurant. This is the reason why TheFork has decided to launch TheFork PAY.

TheFork PAY is a payment solution on mobile quick and easy to use. If you are a restaurant Partner with TheFork, you can already benefit from it, you just have to confirm, correct or add your bank details and accept TheFork PAY terms of use. In case you aren't yet working with TheFork, we are glad to inform you that this feature is available directly on TheFork Manager , hence you won't have to buy POS access or any other technology to benefit from this key feature.

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TheFork PAY is so easy to use! Once you have activated it, here are the few steps to use it for your restaurant.

  1. Print the receipt normally and bring it to your customers' table, they will enter the amount on their TheFork app and complete the payment. Here's what they will see.

2. When your customer has paid, you can check directly on TheFork Manager thanks to a credit card icon that you will see next to the booking of the same customer on TheFork Manager system.

3. You will also receive an email with the details of that specific transaction

4. In addition, at the end of the service you will receive a summary email with all the day's transactions

Feeling that TheFork PAY can be an asset for your restaurant management?

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