Boosting Restaurant Groups' Success: Driving Incremental Bookings With TheFork

Published 09.15.2023 - Last update 06.14.2024
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Table of contents
  1. Showcasing Your Brand to a Hungry Audience
  2. Dedication to the fullest
  3. Try TheFork for free
  4. TheFork: a haven for gourmands
  5. Multiple Channels, Maximum Bookings
  6. A widget tailored to precision
  7. Amplifying Group Efforts Through Tailored Offers
  8. No-Risk Marketing Investment in Success

From ensuring steady footfall to maintaining a vibrant brand presence, Restaurant groups often face unique challenges on the road to success. That's where TheFork steps in – a formidable partner that brings much more than just bookings to the table. With a wide variety of features tailored to restaurant groups' needs, we’re here to show your brand to our network of millions of diners looking to book their next meal out. 

Showcasing Your Brand to a Hungry Audience

At TheFork, we understand that your restaurant group has a unique story to tell. Our platform serves as a powerful megaphone, broadcasting your brand to our extensive network of millions of diners actively seeking their next meal out. By showcasing your venues on TheFork, you tap into a thriving community of foodie enthusiasts hungry for their next culinary experience. Your brand gains an edge by being where the diners are.

Dedication to the fullest

TheFork isn't just a booking platform; it's a place where actual people work to team up with your restaurant(s) to develop tailor-made marketing strategies designed to boost sales. Our experts work closely with your team to craft bespoke promotions that have been tried and tested to drive incremental business, led by a personal Senior Group Account Manager. These promotions aren't just shots in the dark; they are targeted efforts aimed at resonating with your desired audience. The result? More diners, fuller tables, and a greater impact on your bottom line.

Restaurant groups expert Peter James

Try TheFork for free

Are you a restaurant or part of a restaurant group who wants to find out more about TheFork? Let's get in touch.

TheFork: a haven for gourmands

TheFork offers a buffet of booking channels, ensuring that diners have multiple avenues to connect with your restaurants, with the number 1 booking platform of Europe as main driver. Your brand is there how you want it to be, with your own restaurant pages, mouth-watering photos, clear and delicious menus. Whether it's through our user-friendly website or on-the-go mobile app, the ease of reserving a table on TheFork is just a few taps away. With millions of monthly users, you’ll be sure to spread the word about your brand.


All possible channels at TheFork

Multiple Channels, Maximum Bookings

TheFork also presents a unique opportunity through a widget that integrates effortlessly with your website(s), Instagram and Facebook. Guests booking through those channels are commission-free. This not only empowers your loyal fans to book directly, decreasing the chance of them wandering someplace else, but also helps in amplifying your restaurant's social media presence. Not to mention you’ll automatically unlock a booking button on Tripadvisor, the world's best known travel brand, allowing people to secure a table right on yet another well-used platform.

A widget tailored to precision

TheFork's new booking module is a game-changer for group restaurants. It offers free direct bookings via a customisable calendar, seamlessly fitting your website's design and restaurants brand. The user-friendly flow increases conversions, and multi-venue groups can cross-sell locations based on real-time availability. The module works across platforms, ensuring up-to-date availability and instant confirmations. Additional features like messaging and a widget homepage enhance engagement and elevate the dining experience to boost revenue. Each venue in your restaurant group can have its own widget, ensuring a personalised touch for every dining establishment you oversee.

Widget example

Amplifying Group Efforts Through Tailored Offers

In a world of choices, diners are drawn to exclusive offers and experiences. TheFork understands this, and that's why we empower restaurant groups to offer special menus and campaigns during marketing initiatives. This strategic approach adds an element of allure, enticing diners to choose your venues over others. It's about creating a unique identity for each location while maintaining the cohesion of your overarching brand.

No-Risk Marketing Investment in Success

We get it – venturing into marketing can sometimes feel like a gamble. But promotions are the heartbeat of effective marketing, and TheFork transforms this into a no-risk investment for your group. This has led to great revenue increases for groups on our platforms in the past. With our promotions, you'll witness a surge in bookings that's not just visible but also trackable through our revenue management statistics page. This transparent insight into the results of your efforts empowers your marketing and operations teams to make informed decisions that lead to lasting success.

The culinary world is calling, and TheFork answers with a symphony of solutions that resonate. With diverse booking channels, seamless integration with social media, tailored menus, and no-risk promotions, we're not just filling seats – we're filling them with anticipation, delight, and unforgettable experiences. Your restaurant group's journey to culinary stardom starts with TheFork and we’ll work hand in hand with your team to develop the right strategy for your group. Join us here, and let's embark on this flavorful adventure together.