Edwardian partners with TheFork to give more customers the five-star dining experience at their newest hotel

Published 03.15.2024 - Last update 03.20.2024
8 at The Londoner
Table of contents
  1. Increasing The Londoner’s visibility and introducing new customers
  2. Turning new customers into loyal diners
  3. Delivering delicious value through TheFork Festival

Edwardian, a privately owned luxury hospitality group, has been offering premium experiences to customers from across the globe since 1977. Operating hotels and restaurants in London and Manchester, Edwardian opened its newest five-star hotel, The Londoner, in September 2021.

Described as ‘The World’s First Super Boutique Hotel’, The Londoner is a one-of-a-kind urban retreat in the middle of London’s bustling Leicester Square, boasting 16 storeys with six concept restaurants and bars.

“The Londoner presents a collection of exquisite dining experiences in unique settings,” says Amir Jati, Service Excellence Director at Edwardian. “The mood, the design, and of course the dining menus have all been carefully curated to suit any occasion – whether casual or celebratory.”

As a five-star hotel with a contemporary edge, The Londoner’s restaurants reflect the panache and laid-back luxe of the capital’s high-end dining scene, whether guests are enjoying Mediterranean cuisine at signature restaurant Whitcomb’s or experiencing the delicacies of their Japanese izakaya at 8 at The Londoner, located on a spectacular rooftop with retractable roofs and a fire pit.

8 at The Londoner
8 at The Londoner

“The Londoner dining experience is about simplicity and elegance, premium produce from hand-picked suppliers and understated yet excellent five-star service,” Amir explains. “It’s all about enjoyment and sharing great food with great flavours.”

To help bring these great flavours to new customers and forge lasting customer loyalty, Edwardian Hotels is working with restaurant management software TheFork. So far, our partnership has driven powerful results for The Londoner, including a 300% increase in bookings after its restaurants introduced Double Yums.


Increasing The Londoner’s visibility and introducing new customers

As one of London’s newest five-star hotels, one of Edwardian’s key aims when teaming up with TheFork was to increase awareness of The Londoner as a destination suitable for almost any occasion.

“The Londoner truly has something for everyone,” says Siraj Singh, Director of Marketing at Edwardian. “It’s the perfect choice for anything from an intimate date night, if you just want to go for a glass of champagne with the girls, or if you are looking to bring the whole family for Christmas Day.”

TheFork’s distribution plays a critical role in driving awareness of The Londoner as an unmissable new destination, with Whitcomb’s and 8 at The Londoner having pages on our restaurant management platform.

“Our restaurants enjoy a devoted customer base, but we want to expand and share our dining experiences with more Londoners. A key part of our partnership with TheFork is that it allows us to fully showcase the hotel and its restaurants, which opens the door to a lot more diners.” — Amir Jati, Service Excellence Director at Edwardian

With its broad range of fine dining offerings within one location, The Londoner attracts a varied demographic of diners through TheFork. Our platform supports this by allowing the restaurants to highlight exclusive set menus for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, as well as displaying how they cater to different dietary requirements.

“The Londoner offers everything from a cocktail pre-theatre menu and after-dinner drinks, to live music and DJs on the rooftop,” says Amir. “It’s super boutique – artisan quality on a uniquely grand scale – set in the heart of London’s iconic West End.”


Edwardian Whitcombs
As part of Edwardian’s mission to welcome new customers to The Londoner, the team recently hosted a luxurious gastronomic experience at the hotel to showcase what the six unique restaurants and bars have to offer.

Turning new customers into loyal diners

Getting new customers through the door is a main priority for any business, but getting those customers to keep coming back is also extremely important.

“As a fairly new property, we’re still building up loyalty,” Amir explained. “Reaching out to new diners is a big element of it, but we want to forge loyalty with them too.”

To do this, Edwardian takes advantage of TheFork’s customer loyalty programme, which offers customers the chance to collect “Yums” as a reward for booking or referring a friend. Diners can then redeem their Yums as a discount on another meal.

The Londoner’s restaurants offer diners the chance to collect Double Yums throughout the year, delivering brilliant value and allowing new customers to discover their thoughtful approach to cuisine and fine dining.

After launching Double Yums in November 2023, Whitcomb’s at The Londoner achieved a 300% increase in bookings. This increased visibility led to the restaurant having a record number of bookings in December, and it sustained this growth through January 2024, when bookings were up 200% year-on-year.   

Edwardian has already seen great success from getting involved with TheFork’s customer loyalty programme, but that doesn’t mean the work is done.

“Just because business is good, it doesn’t mean the importance of loyalty stops,” Siraj said. “When we’re working with a partner like TheFork, and we can see how strong their loyalty programme is, we want to be part of it.”

"Whitcomb’s at The Londoner has a very high review score on TheFork, so it's great for us because our diners love it, they book again, and they leave good reviews that attract more diners. It's a great partnership for us.” — Peter James, Senior Key Account Manager at TheFork

Delivering delicious value through TheFork Festival

With the annual TheFork Festival fast approaching, the Edwardian team are eagerly gearing up for their involvement with this year’s event.

TheFork Festival offers restaurants an unmissable opportunity to increase their visibility and bookings and be featured in third-party advertising to drive even more brand awareness.

Whitcomb’s and 8 at The Londoner will offer exclusive set menus throughout TheFork Festival, delivering brilliant value to customers while creating an extra special dining experience that’ll leave a lasting impression.

Edwardian is introducing customers to The Londoner, its newest establishment, by taking advantage of TheFork’s unique distribution capabilities and getting involved with revenue-driving events like TheFork Festival. As well as welcoming new customers through its doors, The Londoner is nurturing loyalty from its regular diners by using TheFork’s customer loyalty programme. Find out how your restaurant could achieve similar success by getting in touch today.

Table of contents
  1. Increasing The Londoner’s visibility and introducing new customers
  2. Turning new customers into loyal diners
  3. Delivering delicious value through TheFork Festival
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