Make this your most successful TheFork Festival by following this helpful checklist

Published 01.12.2023 - Last update 01.26.2023
TheFork Festival

TheFork Festival is about to start and we want to make sure your restaurant is ready to wow new customers!

TheFork Festival is taking place from  16th February until 2nd April with hundreds of restaurants in London and the wider UK set to take part, as well as thousands of cities across Europe. This gives restaurants the perfect chance to acquire a new clientele of foodies and become the talk of the town by ensuring their diners have incredible dining experiences. This is why we want to give you the ultimate readiness checklist to ensure your new and returning customers will be delighted after visiting your restaurant.

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Menu, tables, staff, social media… do you have everything ready to go for TheFork Festival? If not, don’t worry, you still have more time to check all the boxes on our readiness Checklist to make this Festival the most successful one yet.

Happy diners

✔️ Update Your Restaurant Pictures 

Images are key! One of the most important drivers and an important part of the decision-making process for diners are the images of your delicious food. The better the images, the more likely you are to generate bookings from new diners. That’s why you need to ensure that all your pictures are current, high quality and they’re showing something you’d also like to see. Don’t just showcase the different dishes on your menu, remember the ambiance of your restaurant can also be shown through pictures or videos. Get ready to show the best of your restaurant in TheFork Festival! 

✔️ Innovate your menu

Why not add some specials to your menu to celebrate TheFork Festival? Diners will be happy to have more options and be delighted by some new innovative dishes on your menu. You can also highlight your best-selling dishes at the top of your menu page to draw in diners as soon as they arrive on your page. Why not give diners the perfect excuse to go out, meet with friends, eat good food, and have an amazing dining experience at your restaurant with a 50% discount?

✔️Update restaurant hours

Are your restaurant opening hours and availability up to date? It’s very important to give your diners the correct information about your restaurant. This way, it will be easier for diners to book in advance and will ensure they have a great experience from the very beginning. 

 ✔️Pay attention to your E-reputation 

Nowadays, reviews are one of the main sources of information for diners when choosing a restaurant. Hence, to attract new diners to your restaurants, make sure you respond to all your guest’s reviews, both negative and positive. This way, you’ll show empathy and compromise with all your diners and these will also serve as a source of inspiration to improve your service where needed. 

 ✔️Plan your food supply 

To make sure you have all the ingredients you will need, work closely with your suppliers and pay attention to supply needs to better anticipate them as demand increases. Ensure you have enough storage space and you and your staff know everything about food safety.

✔️ Empower your staff 

Being properly staffed and making sure your team is trained correctly will be essential to optimise your service during TheFork Festival. It will be helpful if you conduct some refresher training for your staff and make them feel they are taking part in an event that is very important for you, for them, and for the restaurant. Make sure t your staff are aware of your participation in TheFork Festival, that they have access to TheFork manager, and know how to spot a client that has booked with the special offer. Also, don’t forget to take care of them by providing the necessary breaks and giving them what they need to work to the best of their ability. 

✔️ Ensure the perfect guest experience

Lights, sound, temperature, decoration… Multiple factors affect the dining experience in your restaurant, not just the flavour of the food. That’s why you should consider all these small details that will create, along with the dishes you offer, the perfect customer experience. Get ready and provide the perfect impression to new and regular diners! 

Now you’re ready to offer the BEST service to your customers during TheFork Festival. Go through the list again, and if you tick all the boxes,  you can prepare to open the doors of your restaurants and receive more customers with the best discounts and restaurant dining experiences!  

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