TheFork Festival is back! Take part in the UK's biggest restaurant festival and increase your number of bookings.

Published 01.09.2024 - Last update 01.10.2024
TheFork Festival
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  1. Tap into the power of TheFork community and 5x the number of guests you receive during TheFork Festival!
  2. What is TheFork Festival?
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  4. Get ready to shine during TheFork Festival
  5. Why join TheFork Festival?
  6. Start the year strong with plenty of bookings thanks to TheFork Festival

Tap into the power of TheFork community and 5x the number of guests you receive during TheFork Festival!

Looking to start the year with a boost in new reservations and revenue? Look no further – TheFork Festival is back! This is a fantastic opportunity to boost your visibility, drive reservations, and increase your income. Seize the chance to leverage the vast user base across the UK that will be exploring TheFork app and website for their next dining experience.

What is TheFork Festival?

TheFork Festival is our largest dining campaign of the year and provides the perfect opportunity for restaurants to take their marketing efforts to the next level and kickstart the year with a surge in reservations. Throughout the campaign, which runs from the 15th of February to the 31st of March, people dine out at participating restaurants across the country – and throughout the rest of Europe.

This isn't the first time TheFork Festival has taken place, and based on previous campaigns, we can confidently say it's a success for participating restaurants. Drawing from market trends and past Festivals, we anticipate that restaurants will receive an average of 5.3 times more reservations compared to the period before the Festival. Thanks to the insights gained from previous Festivals, we've continuously refined our marketing strategies, ensuring participants can expect to maximise their number of reservations.



TheFork Festival




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Increase your visibility and receive more bookings

Get ready to shine during TheFork Festival

TheFork Festival restaurants enjoy a significant visibility boost throughout the campaign. TheFork platform (web and app) witnesses an additional traffic surge of +1 million users per week, ensuring restaurants in the festival's spotlight bask in enhanced visibility. As diners explore new dining destinations, this is your moment to make sure your restaurant shines and captures the attention of new diners. With years of successful festival events under our belt, we've continually refined our marketing and media mix, guaranteeing participants secure the maximum number of bookings possible.

Why join TheFork Festival?

1. Increased online visibility

Firstly, let's talk visibility. The festival rolls out custom banners all across our platforms, captivating newsletters, and optimised search result placements thanks to your increased relevance to TheFork users. This exposure catapults your restaurant's recognition, bolstering brand awareness and establishing your name among diners.

2. Higher number of reservations (each day of the week)

The magic of TheFork Festival lies in its knack for attracting foodies, even during quieter periods. This translates to happy guests at your tables each week. Not just boosting foot traffic but also reviews. With more diners sharing their culinary experiences, your ratings soar, cementing your online reputation.

3. Start the year financially strong

Opt for a flying start by boosting your income by gaining many additional guests and filled tables. With a constant stream of diners indulging in your culinary creations, the festival becomes a lucrative strategy to ensure you set yourself up for success in 2024.

4. Next level result tracking

With our brand new revenue statistics feature, you'll know exactly how much you gain from the Festival. Watch your number of page views skyrocket, understand the additional gains after subtracting costs, and have the ability to fine-tune the promotion to position your restaurant perfectly for thriving.

TheFork Festival owner

Start the year strong with plenty of bookings thanks to TheFork Festival

TheFork Festival is not just a campaign; it's a plan to kick off the year successfully. With your increased visibility, the reservations it generates, and consequently the boost to your revenue, you can be sure you're starting 2024 on a positive note.

Keen to take part? Your account manager is here to set you up for success, ensuring you finish the year in style. Not part of the TheFork Family yet? Click here to get started.


*Internal study - Jan 2022 to May 2023 (only restaurants with at least 1 guest are taken into account)

**TheFork internal study, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK, April 2022