How Happy Lamb Hot Pot increased its restaurant bookings by 30% with TheFork

Published 04.29.2023 - Last update 06.29.2023
Happy Lamb Restaurant

Happy Lamb Hot Pot Birmingham is a restaurant specialising in authentic Mongolian-style Hot Pot, providing customers with a unique experience where they cook their own meat by dipping them into the Happy Lamb boiling broth.

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Renny Tsang

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Happy Lamb Hot Pot Birmingham


1 year

Happy Lamb Hot Pot Birmingham has been partnered with TheFork for seven months after being recommended by the Happy Lamb locations in London. We met with Renny Tsang, Happy Lamb Hot Pot Birmingham Restaurant Manager, to chat about the success he's experienced since partnering with TheFork.

“We started using one of TheFork’s competitors as our booking platform when Happy Lamb Birmingham first opened. A few months later, I explored other booking platform options and decided to try TheFork. I immediately noticed we were receiving more bookings than the other booking platforms we were using. Most of our bookings now come from TheFork.”

Renny says that his team also find TheFork much easier to use than other booking platforms:

“The team find TheFork Manager very simple and easy-to-use; it really makes our restaurant operations more efficient and allows us to spend time on other tasks to help improve the customer experience.”

“The team all prefer using TheFork Manager when managing bookings and love using the table management tool. It also shows us a lot more data than the other booking platform we use.”

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When asked about the support he receives from TheFork, Renny said:

“The customer support we receive from our Account Manager is really good. I’m really pleased with the level and speed of support I receive.”

Renny has been really impressed with the marketing tools TheFork offers and says these help to give Happy Lamb Birmingham greater visibility, while helping to increase bookings and get customers through the door:

“We really like using TheFork’s special offers, it’s a great marketing tool. We used 50% off for the first few months of our partnership and 30% for the last few months, I’ve found that these really work to drive additional bookings.”

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When asked what results Happy Lamb Birmingham has achieved and whether he would recommend TheFork, Renny responded:

“Since partnering with TheFork we have seen bookings increase by around 30%, the special offers have really helped to achieve this. I’m thrilled with the results.”

“I would definitely recommend TheFork if you’re a restaurant looking for an effective and easy-to-use restaurant booking and management platform. The simplicity of TheFork Manager and the marketing tools available will definitely help you to increase bookings and get new customers through the door. Everything is made easier with TheFork.

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