How RedFarm Covent Garden generated an additional £20K revenue per month through TheFork Festival

Published 03.13.2023 - Last update 06.29.2023
RedFarm Restaurant

RedFarm London is a restaurant located in Covent Garden specialising in Chinese cuisine, which has managed to significantly increase both restaurant bookings and revenue since partnering with TheFork Manager. RedFarm London was opened four years ago by dim sum master chef Joe Ng and Chinese food expert Ed Schoenfeldopen and focuses on producing modern and innovative Chinese dishes. 

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RedFarm has become a hit in central London and a popular choice among TheFork users, as well as the general London foodie population as the restaurant quickly featured in TheTimes ‘Top 100 UK Restaurants’ shortly after opening. However, RedFarm’s growth was halted when the pandemic hit, which meant the marketing budget was reduced and the restaurant was looking for alternative ways to increase revenue again.

RedFarm London General Manager, CK, joined the restaurant group just over a year ago and made the decision to start using TheFork Manager to bring in more customers and revenue.

“We’ve always used ERBs, but after hearing about TheFork, I decided to test the platform and see what results could be achieved. We took part in our first TheFork Festival, and I was sold. We achieved incredible results.  It’s compelling to see the amount of money TheFork put into the marketing campaign. We don’t want to miss out on these opportunities.”

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When asked how CK finds using the platform, he expained:

“I’ve found TheFork to be a user-friendly booking system with features other ERBs would charge a lot more for. I love the marketing tools available, such as Yums and TheFork Festival.

CK explains why RedFarm London chose to make TheFork its primary booking method.

"We've received such an increase in bookings from TheFork, especially during TheFork Festival, so this convinced us to add its booking widget to our website, making it easy for customers to book." 

When asked about how TheFork enhances RedFarm’s marketing, CK said:

“The effectiveness of the marketing tools and TheFork marketing campaigns really surprised me. These tools are great for generating bookings and getting customers through the door. We have noticed a real difference in the number of bookings. Next, I want to take advantage of TheFork’s Yums program to increase bookings even more.”

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CK is very happy with the support from his Account Manager at TheFork, as he said:

“The support from TheFork has been very good, better than our other ERB's. Our Account Manager is always willing to help and go above and beyond, and also remains very transparent and gives us proper answers to any questions. TheFork provides many resources and support to help you get the most from TheFork Festival.”

CK is thrilled with the results RedFarm London has been able to achieve.

“TheFork Festival is a great way to generate bookings and get customers through the door. Our performance charts from the period during our previous TheFork Festival are really healthy. We achieved over a 100% increase in bookings, around 80 additional bookings per day and as a result, gained an additional £20K revenue per month!”

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When asked whether CK would recommend using TheFork, he said:

“Based on the success we’ve had, I would definitely recommend using TheFork and taking advantage of their marketing tools. These are great for generating bookings and bringing in customers. Give it a go and see what results you can achieve and remember to always speak with your Account Manager for support on how to get the best out of the platform.``


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