Introducing the Top Community Choice Chart: Your Go-To Guide for the Best Restaurants in the UK

Published 04.08.2024 - Last update 04.29.2024
Top 100 Community Choice

“Where shall we eat?

It’s a straightforward question, but with a wealth of incredible restaurants in the UK, spanning a range of delectable cuisines from across the globe, coming to a decision can sometimes feel overwhelming. Do I want Indian or Italian? Fancy or fast casual? A buzzy atmosphere or a cosy, family feel?

If you’re a restaurateur delivering a consistently excellent experience for diners, sometimes positive customer reviews aren’t enough to attract new customers — especially if you’re operating in a quieter area or can’t compete with franchise marketing budgets. TheFork UK’s newest feature is designed to reveal the restaurants offering the best food and best service, according to customers.

Introducing: the “Top Community Choice” chart

Launching on 1st May, this monthly selection will highlight the top 10, 50, and 100 restaurants in the UK, both country-wide and in individual cities, right on TheFork’s app and website.

Unlike traditional rankings, it’s compiled by our community, for our community. This means diners can book their next meal out feeling even more excited, knowing that they’re visiting a restaurant backed by the UK’s largest community of foodies.

To help discover the most recommended spots in the UK, the Top Community Choice chart ranks restaurants based on their reviews and the number of times they’ve been bookmarked by TheFork users in the past six months.

Restaurants added to these rankings will increase their visibility to TheFork UK diners and gain the accolade of becoming a top-ranked restaurant.

Diners browsing TheFork’s website will see the full chart of the Top 100 ranked restaurants in the UK, where they can then filter the list based on cuisine.

For diners using TheFork app on the go who have chosen to share their location, the chart will highlight the top-rated dining picks nearby. If they want to share their location, it will be based on the last city they searched for in the app, so diners will still see the recommendations most relevant to them.

From May 1st, say goodbye to endless dining debates and hello to the nation’s new favourite restaurant(s) with the Top Community Choice chart.

If you’re a restaurant manager wondering how you can increase your ranking on the Top Community Choice chart, discover our top tips for optimising your listing on TheFork and driving more bookings.

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