Bet on Takeaway to easily boost your restaurant revenue!

Published 10.21.2020 - Last update 10.21.2020
Bet on Takeaway to easily boost your restaurant revenue!

A free new feature that will help your restaurant get back on track!

During Covid-19, a lot of our restaurant partners offered their clients Takeaway and Delivery services, in the hope of providing a new source of revenue. While restaurants were closed, our teams supported restaurant owners working with TheFork by enabling them to offer delivery to their clients with a mention directly on their restaurant page. 

Now that restaurants have reopened,TheFork will continue to enable restaurant owners the possibility to offer Takeaway thanks to a free new feature available on EasyPreOrders.


Discover how to generate additional restaurant revenue thanks to Takeaway

A survey led by TheFork showed that before Covid, only 18% of our restaurant partners offered a Takeaway service, 30% explored it during Covid and 61%of them were eager to keep on offering this service to their clients after covid 19. Based on this and on the fact that demand in the Takeaway market remains high, TheFork has decided to work with EasyPreOrders to provide restaurant partners an easy & free tool to implement a Takeaway service and boost their revenue.

What’s in it for your restaurant?

TheFork teams are always committed to helping restaurant owners get back on track and we believe that using the Takeaway feature will help them generate extra revenue.

In addition, using EasyPreOrders free feature to offer your clients Takeaway service enables you to both tackle restaurant capacity constraints due to Covid-19 and counterbalance lower demand. 

To make it short, EasyPreOrders’ Takeaway tool is:

  • A free* service offered by TheFork to support restaurant business

  • Simple to use and manage thanks to tracking orders, instant payments and a 100% responsive Web App

  • A convenient option for both restaurant and users

  • A widget to increase your revenue visible on your website, social networks, TripAdvisor and Google listing

How can I benefit from this Takeaway feature for my restaurant?

  • Already working with TheFork?

Just contact your account manager who will create your restaurant account on EasyPreOrders. You will then be able to set up your Takeaway menu in a few clicks.

  • Haven’t partnered with TheFork yet?

Don't worry! You will be able to join our restaurant community in just a few steps. You can start by completing this form and our experts will contact you to activate all options in your account.

You want to make the most of EasyPreOrders?

From your EasyPreOrders account, you will also be able to set up a delivery service if you are equipped for it, another great & easy feature to help you boost your restaurant revenue.


* At TheFork, we are waiving setup and transaction fees, you can find more information about our payment provider’s commissions directly on their website

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