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Published 10.13.2023 - Last update 06.14.2024
Booking agenda
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  4. Optimise your available time slots
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You'd almost forget it's part of the restaurant page, but in fact, the agenda (or calendar) is the most important element when it comes to people to booking their table at your restaurant. Here at TheFork, we understand the significance of a well-organised agenda for your restaurant. It's the cornerstone of your operation, the tool that can help you maximise your bookability across all channels while maintaining room for those cherished regulars and drop-in guests. In this blog, we delve into the valuable services and availability features that our platform offers, helping you make the most of your restaurant's calendar.



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The value of a well-organised agenda

With the calendar, you have the power to control when your restaurant is open for reservations, what the ideal table turnaround is for different party sizes, and the ability to manage group requests seamlessly. TheFork Manager allows you to tailor the software and availability in the calendar to your needs.





Get started

You have full control over your services and therefore booking flow, which can be customised in the Service Settings here in TheFork Manager. You can set the times in which guests are able to book online, determine table turnaround based on party size, and specify which party sizes should trigger a group request. These settings ensure you never miss a booking opportunity and can adapt to changing demands. In short, the agenda on your restaurant page is the result of the booking rules, requirements, and settings you determine for your business.

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Optimise your available time slots


You set up your own timeslots for your restaurant in the Service Setup to make sure your daily operation runs smoothly and you and your staff can provide guests with an amazing dining experience. In the service setup, you contol the experience your guest will have when making a booking at your place.


You can customise which time slots are visible and even set the maximum number of guests per time slot. This level of control ensures your kitchen and staff maintain the most efficient flow throughout the service, delivering a seamless dining experience every time. In addition, customising your time-slots lets you tailor meal durations for different group sizes. You can even inform guests of their meal duration in the confirmation email, along with any other essential information you want to communicate. It’s a polite way of informing your guests you need the table again later on that service.


Obviously, your restaurant's availability extends beyond just TheFork app and site. That's why it's good to know your guests will always see the current availability, this includes if they book via Instagram, Tripadvisor, or other places you have added your widget. Keeping your availability up-to-date in TheFork Manager ensures the bookable covers are always reliable and your guests are not left disappointed. Last but not least, if you have multiple venues, you can even refer people to other places that DO have availability, if their first choice location is fully booked - a huge benefit for restaurant groups.


Start utilising the Wait List

You don't want to lose a potential booking, especially during those busy weekend evenings. The Wait List function is the perfect solution. It's tailored for drop-in guests who stop by your restaurant when things are buzzing. By enabling Wait Lists for Walk-ins, you can add these guests to your service and ensure they get a seat as soon as possible. You can inform them with a notification directly from TheFork Manager. You can even offer them shorter meal durations by squeezing them in between two other bookings.

The Wait List Request function is just as impressive! It allows guests who are interested in specific time slots to see what's already fully booked. Guests can choose to be added to the wait list for their preferred date and time, creating a seamless booking experience for your guests. This is also something you can use within your booking widget - you can enable both lists here.


Enable additional reservation fields

Your restaurant's brand experience starts before your guests walk through your doors. Starting with the booking funnel, you can provide a preview of the exceptional service they can expect. This helps set clear expectations for your guests. You can set the tone by customising the Guest Information page on your widget, collecting valuable details like the need for a baby seat, specific seating preferences, or any special requests. This level of customisation ensures your team can prepare for each guest's arrival and provide a first-class dining experience that they will want to come back for.

In the new booking widget, there's even more to love about your calendar. You can customise the design with your restaurant's logo, colors, and font to create a consistent brand image. You can offer additional services available outside of dining hours, should you have more things to offer to your guests than 'just' an amazing night out.

Food and people

Need help setting it up?

Creating the perfect calendar probably sounds like a daunting task,but we’re here to help and ensure you reap the rewards. By taking into consideration every available seat in your restaurant and translating it into a bookable cover with the right requirements in TheFork Manager, you’ll offer a service your guests will love! If you do have any questions, our support team is available 7 days a week via the live chat within TheFork Manager.


In conclusion, your restaurant's calendar is more than just dates and time slots; it's the heartbeat of your business. With TheFork's robust services and availability features, you can take control, enhance guest experiences, and secure a place at the top of diners' preferences. So, go ahead, craft the ultimate restaurant page on TheFork, and let your calendar be your secret ingredient to success. 



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