How TheFork Manager has partnered with Lightspeed to revolutionise reservations

Published 05.16.2024 - Last update 05.16.2024
TheFork x Lightspeed
Table of contents
  1. TheFork integrates with Lightspeed Restaurant ePOS
  2. What does this integration mean for restaurants?

TheFork integrates with Lightspeed Restaurant ePOS

TheFork Manager has a brand-new integration to help you streamline restaurant operations by seamlessly synchronising your reservations across your tech stack: we’ve teamed up with Lightspeed, the one-stop commerce platform empowering merchants to provide the best omnichannel experiences.

What does this integration mean for restaurants?

By integrating TheFork Manager with Lightspeed’s ePOS system, restaurant owners can now manage bookings efficiently, optimise seating arrangements, and enhance the overall dining experience for customers.

This integration allows you to enrich your restaurant’s guest database and personalise diners’ experiences, thanks to valuable insights available on TheFork Manager such as detailed customer spend.

"Joining forces with Lightspeed marks a significant stride in the ongoing growth of TheFork Manager," said Louis Vernhes, Restaurant Experience Product Director of TheFork Manager. "Together, we're empowering businesses, making it easier to streamline their operations and simultaneously deliver exceptional experiences to their customers."

"We're thrilled to partner with TheFork Manager to offer our clients a comprehensive solution for managing reservations," said Liam Crooks, MD of EMEA at Lightspeed. "This integration aligns with our commitment to providing innovative tools that empower restaurant owners to thrive in today's competitive market."

The integration will enable your restaurant’s staff to view and manage reservations directly from the Lightspeed ePOS interface, reducing the risk of overbooking and minimising wait times for guests. Additionally, data synchronisation between the two platforms will ensure accurate reporting and insights for informed decision-making.

Your restaurant can leverage the combined capabilities of TheFork Manager and Lightspeed’s ePOS system to optimise table turnover, increase efficiency, and, ultimately, drive revenue growth.

For more information about Lightspeed and TheFork Manager integration, click here.

Table of contents
  1. TheFork integrates with Lightspeed Restaurant ePOS
  2. What does this integration mean for restaurants?
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