Drive More Reservations For More Success: Diversify Your Booking Channels with TheFork!

Published 11.17.2023 - Last update 12.22.2023
More channels for more bookings
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  3. Our Widget and Partners
  4. All Channels for All Types of Guests

In the world of dining, every guest is unique. Some have never touched a smartphone, while others explore hotspots through TikTok. People discover restaurants in various ways and channels on the internet. Therefore, it's crucial to ensure that your restaurant is directly bookable on all these platforms! With TheFork, you not only receive reservations through Europe's largest restaurant platform but also through numerous other avenues. Let's explore where guests will find and book your restaurant.

Expand Your Reach

With TheFork, your restaurant extends its reach to a global audience. Our website and app are used by millions of people in 11 European countries.


The reservation process is simple: you have a certain number of tables and chairs, and thus, a specific availability. You decide how many of those seats to make available for reservation. Guests can then book a table within that availability through various channels. After a reservation is made, that table is no longer available, not only on the channel where the guest booked but also on all other channels where you receive reservations.


Try TheFork now

Are you a restaurant who wants to unlock more channels, find out more about TheFork, our software or your benefits when joining TheFork? Let's get in touch.

Our Widget and Partners

There are two main routes guests can take to make a reservation at your establishment. The first is through our widget—a reservation module that allows guests to initiate the booking process directly. The second is through our partners, some of the biggest online brands, providing potential guests with another gateway to your online available tables.


Here is a list of channels where guests can reserve a table at your restaurant when you are bookable with TheFork:


TheFork Website and App

Our own platform is a logical starting point. With millions of users in 11 European countries, our website and app are hotspots for anyone who loves dining out. Guests can secure a table directly through the calendar on your own restaurant page, complete with photos, menus, information, and reviews.


Tripadvisor - The Ultimate Travel Platform

Tripadvisor needs no introduction. It's the globally renowned brand for travel, experiences, reviews, and recommendations. While you can have a Tripadvisor page without a reservation button, it's more conversion-friendly to allow tourists and locals searching for a restaurant to make a direct reservation on your page, transforming visitors into guests.


Widget on Your Own Restaurant Page

With our widget, you can make it easy for your guests to reserve directly through your own website. You can customise it to align with your brand. Plus, all reservations made through your widget are completely commission-free.

Restaurantpagina op TheFork

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram

Embed a reserve button on your Facebook or Instagram page. By integrating TheFork with your profiles, guests can easily make a reservation directly from your social media pages. After coming across your profile, viewing a tempting post, or checking out a story, they can instantly book through the widget—commission-free.


Google and Google Maps

When guests aren't searching for a restaurant on TheFork, they're likely doing so on Google. They can click directly on the reserve button, making it incredibly easy for them to secure a spot. Even when guests are exploring on Google Maps, a few clicks can lead them to book a table at your restaurant. These reservations are commission-free with our Pro+ package.


Michelin: For the Crème de la Crème

While not every restaurant may qualify, our partnership with the Michelin Guide is noteworthy. If your restaurant has received a mention, Bib Gourmand, or even stars, guests can book directly through the Michelin Guide platforms in just a few clicks.


All Channels for All Types of Guests

By joining TheFork, you give your restaurant the best chance to be discovered and booked. With various reservation channels, you not only increase visibility but also the likelihood of having more guests at your tables.


If you're already working with TheFork but not yet receiving guests through all these channels, your account manager is ready to assist you. If you're not yet partnering with TheFork and are seeking new ways to receive reservations, we'd love to connect. Click here for more information on scheduling a no-obligation introductory conversation.



Table of contents
  1. Expand Your Reach
  2. Try TheFork now
  3. Our Widget and Partners
  4. All Channels for All Types of Guests
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