Elevate Your Group of Restaurants with TheFork's Booking widget

Published 10.09.2023 - Last update 10.10.2023
TheFork's Booking Widget
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  2. Suggesting Your Other Restaurants: A Table Next Door
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Running a group of restaurants comes with its own share of challenges. From maintaining your brand identity to ensuring top-notch guest experiences, managing these aspects can be quite a task. That's where TheFork's Group Restaurant Booking Widget comes into play. How does it help your brand(s) shine, maximise table occupancy and optimise the performance of every restaurant in your chain, to increase your revenue? Let's dive into the core advantages.

Personalisation: A Design for Every Flavor


We understand each restaurant in your group has its unique style, and that's a positive aspect. TheFork's booking widget allows you to add a touch of that special uniqueness. You can incorporate your restaurant's colors, fonts, and overall look. Whether you want a consistent vibe for all your venues or prefer distinct identities for each, the choice is yours. So, whether a guest is booking at Restaurant A or Restaurant B, they'll experience that familiar, cozy ambiance associated with your brand.


Suggesting Your Other Restaurants: A Table Next Door


It’s Friday at 12 PM, and you've already reached that point where every seat in the house is reserved for the night. Yet, people are still attempting to secure a last-minute dinner reservation, but luck is not on their side. That is, unless you've implemented TheFork’s widget. When one of your locations is fully booked, the widget smoothly recommends another venue within your group. With just a few clicks, your guests can find themselves in a different but equally delightful setting. Worried about those vacant seats? They can be swiftly filled, even if it wasn't initially part of your guests' plan. This provides them with an opportunity for a second night out at your venue. They're also more likely to book in advance now…



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Widget Homepage: Allowing Guests to Book All That's Available


Restaurants encompass more than just reservations and serving meals. This is where our innovative Widget Homepage feature comes into play. Here, you can showcase not just your venues, but also the range of fantastic offerings your restaurant group has. Whether it's cozy hotel rooms for travelers, tempting treats from your online store, links to your social media accounts for staying connected, or even experiences that guests can book, the options are limitless. It's a convenient hub for all your guests' needs and interests, without requiring them to leave your site!


Tip of the iceberg…


While the booking widget certainly stands out in TheFork's toolkit, it's just one piece of the puzzle that propels your group forward. And we haven’t even begun to describe the level of personalised attention you'll receive from your dedicated expert. We're not merely a tech provider; we're your culinary allies, committed to helping you make the most of our tools. You can craft a tantalising marketing strategy, and your consultant will be thrilled to assist. From showcasing your latest creations to harnessing the power of reviews, our suite of marketing tools can give your restaurant group an extra boost.

WIdget Homepage

Ready to Elevate Your Group?


Your restaurant group deserves a dash of innovation and a touch of simplicity. TheFork's booking widget goes beyond just reservations – it's about creating a seamless experience, nurturing loyalty, and expanding your group's influence. Let's collaborate to cook up something extraordinary, because with TheFork, your restaurant group isn't just growing, it's flourishing.


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