Elevate Your Restaurant Marketing at TheFork with Your Personal Expert

Published 01.22.2024 - Last update 01.22.2024
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  1. Personal Guidance in Restaurant Marketing
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  3. The restaurant and marketing expertise of your account manager
  4. Together We Thrive

Running a restaurant involves juggling a number of tasks, and amidst the hustle, marketing often takes a backseat. At TheFork, we get it – while word of mouth is powerful, a little push in the right direction can go a long way. That's why with us, your restaurant not only secures a space on our website and app, along with our advanced reservation system, TheFork Manager, and our latest widget but also a personal expert dedicated to guiding you through the ins and outs of restaurant marketing. Meet your account manager – your ally in the world of dining.

Personal Guidance in Restaurant Marketing

Think of your account manager as an extra pair of hands for your team. Beyond knowing and understanding the nuances of your restaurant, they can place it within the broader market context. Familiar with the local scene, adept at leveraging marketing strategies, and well-versed in TheFork's offerings, your account manager is your go-to person for personalised guidance tailored to your specific needs.


Try TheFork now

Are you a restaurant who wants to have an own industry expert by their side, wants to find out more about TheFork, our software or your benefits when joining TheFork? Let's get in touch.

The restaurant and marketing expertise of your account manager

You will truly collaborate with your account manager. Your account manager is ready to assist you with, for example, the following aspects:

Tips for Boosting Reservations

Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned pro, your account manager is there to support you on your journey to successful restaurant marketing. Need to increase reservations and fill those empty tables? Account managers are equipped with the knowledge to enhance your restaurant marketing game. From optimising your profile and utilising special promotions to improving online visibility, your account manager is just an email, message, or call away.

Data-Driven Insights for Stronger Marketing

TheFork Manager's statistics page is a goldmine of information. While gut feelings are good, your account manager transforms guesswork into informed decisions. Dive into reservation and guest data on your own or let your account manager provide valuable, data-driven insights for effective restaurant marketing and management. Consider your account manager as your personal data analyst.


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Continuous Support

Support from your account manager extends beyond marketing activities. Whether you have questions about the software, reservations, the widget, or just need advice, your account manager and our support team are ready to assist. With 7-day support via the chat in the reservation system, help is always at your fingertips.

Personalised Training

Navigating TheFork Manager can be a breeze with a personal training session from one of our trainers. Your account manager will help you get one. Our comprehensive software streamlines restaurant management, but we understand that exploring new features can be daunting. Your account manager can arrange a personalised, digital demo, ensuring you and your team feel comfortable using TheFork Manager to deliver seamless service to your guests.

Together We Thrive

At TheFork, we go beyond offering software; we provide a complete experience where technology and human support work hand in hand, specifically tailored to elevate your restaurant marketing. Let's embark on a journey to take your restaurant marketing to new heights, ensuring more reservations and unforgettable evenings for your guests. We're here to help!



Table of contents
  1. Personal Guidance in Restaurant Marketing
  2. Try TheFork now
  3. The restaurant and marketing expertise of your account manager
  4. Together We Thrive
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