TheFork's latest upgrade, driven by innovative AI and community insights is your ultimate recipe for restaurant success!

Published 01.26.2024 - Last update 01.31.2024
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  1. A revamped app experience to attract and retain more customers 
  2. Try TheFork now
  3. What’s different?
  4. What does this mean for my restaurant?
  5. Easier for the right guests to find your restaurant
  6. Unlock the power of personalised dining experiences
  7. Ready to Enhance Your Restaurant's Presence?

TheFork is thrilled to announce an exciting new development we’ve been working on that will revolutionise the type of restaurants diners engage with and how, enabling you to optimise your restaurant’s success.

A revamped app experience to attract and retain more customers 

At TheFork, we understand the restaurant industry is ever-evolving, this is why we continuously strive to apply the best innovative technologies to improve our app experience and deliver unforgettable dining experiences to our incredible 20+ million monthly visitors.

We’ve been working hard to deliver a major revamp that incorporates cutting-edge generative AI to make the most of the 20 million certified customer reviews. As a result, our new and improved dynamic booking platform will serve as a game changer for your restaurant, offering users a seamless, personalised experience that provides our users with accurate restaurant recommendations they’ll love.

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Try TheFork now

Are you a restaurant who wants to find out more about TheFork, our software or your benefits when joining TheFork? Let's get in touch.

What’s different?

On our 17-year journey to become Europe’s leading restaurant booking platform and to connect millions of diners with the best restaurants, our focus has evolved from providing users the largest restaurant selection to providing personalised, quality choices using the very best of technology, and of course, a human touch. We believe that technology should not replace, but amplify the human touch that makes dining experiences so special, and that's precisely what our new update achieves – efficiently combining the best of both worlds.

The latest version of TheFork's app represents not only a significant leap in technological innovation but also heralds a new era in personalised dining, redefining the way users discover and engage with restaurants thanks to these new features.

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What does this mean for my restaurant?

Our new updates are a win-win for the community of restaurants on TheFork platform. It means your restaurant will be optimally matched with your ideal customers which in turn will bring you important benefits…

Easier for the right guests to find your restaurant

Our new tailored app experience means users will no longer have to search through thousands of restaurants to find what they want. We’ll narrow down, optimise and personalise their search and bring them to exactly what their taste buds are looking for. Our innovative technology cross references diners’ habits, location, preferences, reviews and more with the unique characteristics of your restaurant. In other words, we’ll bring the customers who want to dine in your restaurant to you, for you! Your restaurant will be easy to find and instantly recommended, found and booked by your most suited customers. Not only does this have the potential to increase revenue, but it means happy diners and happy restaurants. Think of us as your gastronomic middle person!

In addition to this, on the user's refreshed homepage, we’ve launched exciting new and accessible features that will provide your restaurant with even more places to be found such as ‘Hungry now?’ and ‘We think you’ll like’. Even better, our new ‘Top Restaurant Charts’ will offer your restaurant the chance to be included in a showcase of the most popular restaurants of the moment, generated by the community based on user ratings, reviews and bookmarks. Let the buzz around your restaurant grow organically!

Unlock the power of personalised dining experiences

Being matched with the right audience who will love your restaurant means they will be more likely to make and keep making reservations. This can boost your loyalty base and increase bookings through positive reviews. For any tourists who might be in town, our personalised recommendations will immediately match their tastes with your restaurant and they will be more likely to book with confidence, trusting that they will savour our consistently accurate recommendations.

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Ready to Enhance Your Restaurant's Presence?

TheFork's latest update and features are waiting to bring forkfuls of suited diners to your tables. The best part is you don’t have to lift a finger! Just sit back and allow the technological magic of our new app to take the reins. Find out more about how integrating AI has become a priority for many in the restaurant industry in 2024.