Increase your team efficiency with our best-in-class restaurant management system

Access TheFork Manager restaurant reservation and table management system from your computer, tablet or smartphone to increase the efficiency of your team

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Centralized reservations for increased efficiency

Facilitate your daily service schedule by giving your staff access to your online reservation diary. Save time by checking all your reservations whenever you need to. Whether reservations are made by phone, e-mail, internet, or even from walk-in customers, your smart reservation management software allows you to view everything in one place.

  • Check all your reservations in real time with one click
  • Receive a notification for each new reservation
  • Create different user accounts for specific staff members
  • Track all changes to reservations. No more lost reservations on scraps of paper!


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Innovative restaurant software with exceptional performance

Benefit from an easy-to-use software built and improved with and for the restaurants. We offer high reliability for all of our technical platforms with exemplary performance of 99.9% uptime. You can have peace of mind knowing that TheFork Manager is supported by more than 150 technical engineers who monitor the platforms and apps 24/7. Start using one of the most utilized management software programmes on the market today!


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Enhance your business strategy thanks to customisable reports

Your reservation and table management system comes with a wealth of customizable reports, allowing you to build insights around your reservations, customer feedback and cancellations.

  • View advanced statistics and analyse your business performance
  • Use your report to identify gaps and opportunities for growth
  • Make informed decisions on the progress of your services in real time based on live reporting and system data.



Digital floor plan for an optimized table management

Use our digital restaurant floor plan tool to manage the different areas of your restaurant  and multi-seated meals. Paying attention to your floor plan ensures that your staff can provide the best service and that your customers' experience is memorable (whether waiting or seated). With TheFork Manager table management technology you increase table rotation and boost your revenue.

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