Do you want to add a terrace to your restaurant? Follow our advice

Published 11.30.2015 - Last update 06.13.2024
Table of contents
  1. Prepare suitable furniture:
  2. Serving clients on a terrace is more difficult:
  3. Pavillon Elysée Café Lenôtre in Paris
  4. Art Cibò & Cafè in Roma
  5.  Osteria Scarpetta Alla Fraccia in Swiss Alps
  6.  Gymage in Madrid

Adding a a terrace to your restaurant, especially when the weather is good, is a way of adding value to your company and offering an alternative environment to attract your clients.

Indeed, the biggest turnover for most restaurants is during spring and summer when these charming areas come into their own… They are therefore very important!

If this is the case for you, consider these tips that will help you to create the best terrace for your company.

Prepare suitable furniture:

# 1-  Parasols: Weather is the outside terrace’s main enemy. That’s why, for basic protection against excess sun, rain, wind, etc., put up parasols or umbrella roofs.

# 2-  Heating or air-conditioning systems: The more control you have over the area’s temperature the more you can take advantage of and benefit from it during the year. If you can, invest in an air-conditioning system. If you have a modest budget, integrate heaters into the decoration.

# 3-  Tables and chairs:Furnish with comfortable and attractive chairs and armchairs that will set you apart from the competition so that people prefer your terrace. Tables should always be stable and solid. Opt for materials like wood, aluminum and metal for furniture, and for awnings resistant to climate-related wear.

# 4-  Harmonious decoration:The client should feel like they are in your restaurant (and not on the street) and this is possible thanks to ambiance. Window boxes, flower pots with real flowers and folding screens would be perfect. The most important thing is for clients to feel relaxed and at home.

# 5-  Anti-reflectives: To guard against bothersome glare, you could opt for tablecloths, and even anti-reflective flooring.

# 6-  Auxiliary furniture:If you have adequate space, you could add a piece of furniture for putting frequently used utensils (cutlery, glasses, napkins...), in order to provide faster service .

# 7-  Notice boards: Use these to inform clients of offers, special promotions, opening hours or any important rules related to the area.

# 8-  Blankets: Always have blankets available, these are particularly useful when temperatures start to drop. Especially at night and during colder periods. Remember thatproviding comfort will be essential if your clients are to stay on your terrace for hours chatting, eating and drinking, and if they are to return.

Serving clients on a terrace is more difficult:

It’s a fact, service in these areas is restricted and requires more effort from staff who, regardless of weather conditions, must ensure that client comfort is the same outside as it is inside.

In addition, periods of good weather are the most profitable and attract clients who like to sit outside. It is a golden opportunity for everything to go better than usual and for your company to become a favorite spot.

It is therefore recommended to have employees exclusively dedicated to the terrace. Take this into account in the management of your staff.

If you are in need of inspiration to create this fantastic terrace for your restaurant, you will find it with these dream locations:

Pavillon Elysée Café Lenôtre in Paris

El Tenedor montar una terraza para tu restaurante Pavillon Elysee Cafe Lenotre

Art Cibò & Cafè in Roma

El Tenedor abrir una terraza restaurante Art Cibó Café

 Osteria Scarpetta Alla Fraccia in Swiss Alps

ElTenedor abrir una terraza en tu restaurante

 Gymage in Madrid

ElTenedor abrir una terraza restaurante Gymage