Locavore: meaning and movement

Published 01.23.2022 - Last update 04.01.2022
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  1. Locavore : Meaning, movement. All you need to know
  2. Locavore movement

Locavore : Meaning, movement. All you need to know

We've published other articles about the health trend that is here to stay, and what this change means for our sector. Today, we're going to focus on a movement within this larger trend that can also be very interesting for restaurants: the Locavore movement. Are you familiar with this concept? Do you apply it to your business? 

What does "Locavore" mean in food?

This word refers to a person who chooses to consume food produced within a distance of less than 150 kilometers, and which is made artesanally. The term grew popular in 2005, when San Francisco-based food businesses launched a challenge under that name, in which participants were to eat only local products for a month.  

Today, it's a growing trend among consumers, who grow their own fruits and vegetables, purchase kilometer 0 products, and of course, favor restaurants who also follow this philosophy. In addition to the competitive advantage, using local products in your cuisine can also have benefit your restaurant in other ways. Read more to discover the most important benefits: 

Locavore movement

TheFork How the locavore trend can benefit your restaurant

Unique flavours

A locavore restaurant regularly receives the freshest, most recently picked products, from farm to table. This means your ingredients are more pure in terms of nutrients and flavor, which makes  a big difference in the quality of the dishes you prepare with them. 

Meaning that although your competition may offer similar dishes, they will taste different. Cooking with fresh ingredients also allows you us to create your own flavors that vary based on what nature and the earth have to offer, meaning the same tomato-based dish can have different intensities and nuances depending on harvest. If your customers are aware of this, they'll love being able to re-discover the restaurant's dishes over and over again. 


TheFork How the locavore trend can benefit your restaurant

Natural variety

Another advantage of cooking with local products is that they change depending on the season, meaning cooks can adapt their recipes the produce of the day. The result is a dynamic menu that changes depending on what's in season, rather than a menu that remains monotonous through most of the year. This is a challenge for the kitchen staff, since they'll need talent and creativity to create the best dishes on a changing basis. Of course, taking on this challenge also allows the restaurant to stand out for its originality and achievements. 


TheFork How the locavore trend can benefit your restaurant

Increased loyalty

A varied offer also piques customers' curiosity, and keeps them coming back to the restaurant to discover new recipes again and again. That's why  locavore restaurants enjoy greater customer loyalty. The transparency regarding the food that's on offer also generates trust that exceeds customers' expectations, so they prefer to return to the same establishment, where they can be sure to get what they need, rather than improvise or take a chance on other restaurants. 

That's why it's important to offer the most personalized service possible in a locavore restaurant, to offer potential clients total satisfaction and ensuring tables are always filled.  Click here to use a client database to personalize your service. 


TheFork How the locavore trend can benefit your restaurant

Good profitability

That fact that clients are paying more attention to their eating habits and to the environment means they are willing to pay more to eat in a locavore restaurant. This means that you can better value your products and make a profit from them

Restaurant owners always appreciate being able to offer wonderful cuisine and charge the right price for it, without feeling pressured to lower quality to maintain their profit margins. Cooking locally allows you to negotiate favorably with producers in your area, create delicious recipes, and know that guests are happy to pay the price because they appreciate the quality. 


TheFork How the locavore trend can benefit your restaurant

Good reputation

When it comes to marketing, using fresh products has always been synonymous with high quality for restaurants. It also creates an image of an establishment that is committed to sustainability and will do what it takes to ensure it, and that has an efficient, creative staff. All of which translates into an excellent reputation. 

The image customers have of a locavore restaurant is that of a business that cares about serving more nutritious, healthy food, offering them the best available products and a unique experience. That's why it's very important to promote this feature of the restaurant on social media, reservation platforms, and digital channels to increase your prestige. 


TheFork How the locavore trend can benefit your restaurant

Long-term benefit

The health trend is going to keep growing. Consumers will continue to adapt towards sustainability and industries will follow, so having a locavore restaurant that uses organic products, applies energy-saving measures, recycles, and is socially committed means being ahead of the curve. This means that today's investments in making all the necessary changes to follow this trend will pay off and multiply over the long term

So we encourage you to get to know your local producers, form strategic partnerships, get the best prices, and forge social and business relationships that benefit both sides. Your customers and the environment will thank you. 

Table of contents
  1. Locavore : Meaning, movement. All you need to know
  2. Locavore movement
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