Boost your restaurant online visibility to stand out from competition

Published 01.13.2021 - Last update 06.14.2024
Boost your restaurant online visibility to stand out from competition
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  1. Get a few tips to boost your online marketing strategy
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Whether your restaurant is open to the public or not, you may need to increase your bookings or your take-away orders, keep your customers’ community engaged and aware of your latest activities, and widen your diners’ base by reaching new users. The Internet is a key tool to boost your restaurant’s visibility and can help you foster your customers’ loyalty and get known by more people. TheFork has prepared you some tips to help you master online strategy to promote your restaurant and stand out from competition. 

Get a few tips to boost your online marketing strategy

Stand out from competition thanks to TheFork

TheFork tools and main features were designed to enhance the attractivity of every restaurant and support their growth and viability, especially during these difficult times. 

All our restaurant partners benefit from a dedicated and customisable showcase page where they can display the best content to attract customers. Post selected pictures of your restaurant’s atmosphere and dishes, but also your menus, promotions, prices and opening hours, all key information gathered at the same place, so that the potential customers can easily decide to make a booking. Your restaurant page is a key component of your online strategy and a real online showcase, since your potential diners will search for these information and rely on them to choose whether or not they want to discover your restaurant. 


Smartphones displaying reviews

Once your restaurant is registered and published on TheFork, you can invite your diners to write reviews about their experience at your restaurant. Reviews contribute to greater visibility, by helping boost your restaurant’s ranking on our platform, learn about some ways to improve your reputation, and engage conversations with less satisfied customers to show them that you care.


Chef Serving a Plate Yums

Thanks to TheFork, your restaurant can benefit from a special display banner during our special events, such as Yums Festival, and if you decide to apply Special Offers, or if your restaurant figures in the Insider Selection, it can appear in dedicated sections highlighted on the homepage, and through search experience, filters and tags.

TheFork also makes every effort to ensure that your restaurant is optimized on search engines (Google, Bing...) and works with a network of over 100 global and local partner sites.

 Marketing channels you can activate to boost your restaurant visibility online

Do you want more tips on how to improve your online presence?

First, you can always rely on a good social media strategy to help you increase your restaurant’s visibility. You can find some ideas to keep your customers’ community committed here, by posting your latest activities, your restaurant’s status (if you are open or not/if you offer delivery or take-away), you can share pictures and stories of your staff, of dishes, of your suppliers or your restaurant’s decoration… Facebook and Instagram are great online showcase pages, and they are also key channels that can even help you boost your bookings, find more info here.



You’ll also need to make sure your own website is well optimised online and attractive to the user’s eye. Keep your basic information up to date, by indicating your opening hours or possible delivery or take-away status, your contact information, nice pictures of your restaurant’s atmosphere and appetising dishes, and your menu. Keep in mind that a good SEO strategy is key, it is important to often check how your restaurant’s name ranks on search engines, and choose your keywords efficiently to improve your performance.

Find more ideas to optimize your online visibility and boost your business here


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Table of contents
  1. Get a few tips to boost your online marketing strategy
  2. Try out our PRO+ version now
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