5 reasons to create an email marketing campaign for your restaurant

Published 11.30.2015 - Last update 03.29.2019
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Table of contents
  1. # 1- Have a direct impact on the target audience:
  2. # 2- Know your clients:
  3. # 3- Retain your clients:
  4. # 4- Invest little and gain a lot
  5. # 5- Get immediate results

Email marketing is still one of the most power tools used by restaurants to attract and retain clients. Indeed, it is said to lead to the most profitability short-term. And now, with interactivity and technology resources, opportunities are increasing.

To run the ideal email marketing campaign for your company, we present to you a complete guide in the form of articles which will help you to:

- Create and manage your list of contacts.

- Devise a creative mailing strategy.

- Formulate the perfect email for your campaign.

- Create effective content and calls to action.

- Measure and analyze results.

- Be inspired by success stories…and extra content that will greatly assist you.

We start the series with the 5 main reasons to include an email marketing campaign in your restaurant’s communication strategy:

# 1- Have a direct impact on the target audience:

To promote your company it isn’t enough to be on the web. You have to be able to reach your clients through all available channels and all possible devices, preferably in a natural and direct way. Email remains a personal space that is part of one’s daily routine, even more so if it is consulted on a smartphone. That’s why every time a client opens an email it is as if you were sitting beside them and could tell them: Would you like to try my restaurant’s delicious dishes? It’s very likely that they would say yes and reserve a table that evening.

It has to do with the effective and considerable power of persuasion, since users, by being open to interacting with you, voluntarily sign up to your list of contacts.

Indeed, according to Convince and Convert, people who make a purchase following email marketing invest 138% more than those who were not targeted.

# 2- Know your clients:

Email marketing is an excellent resource to support the management of your restaurant and know your target audience better. Having a list of clients and information about them helps you make the right decisions. With software that manages your list of contacts, for example, such as the one proposed by TheFork, you can have a quality database and obtain precious information such as your client’s preferences and activities. This is ideal for finding out improvements that you can make to your product or service and knowing how to correctly focus your marketing campaigns.

# 3- Retain your clients:

Email marketing is a way of communicating in a consistent and direct way with your subscribers. It isIt is a tool that allows you to establish more links by letting your clients know in real time what is happening at your restaurant, giving them the motivation to continue to like your company and reasons to come back. This is possible thanks to this tool that allows you to segment your audience and create messages and content adapted to each segment. A client is loyal when you give them exactly what they want.

# 4- Invest little and gain a lot

Investment in email is not as high compared to other advertising resources. From a resource and operation perspective, it involves little extra cost, and it is a tool with which you can quickly measure return on investment and adjust your budget accordingly. It is estimated that email marketing can increase sales by 13%.

# 5- Get immediate results

These days checking our email is an integral part of our daily lives. This is particularly true for people who are used to doing things like making restaurant reservations electronically. That’s why email is a direct, spontaneous, short conversation that produces an effect and response that are as well. If your email campaign is done well, you can get more clients immediately. And if action buttons are used in an efficient manner, you could even attract friends, colleagues and your client’s relatives, which is, after all, the main objective of these practices.

The importance of an email marketing campaign for your restaurant being clear, you are probably wondering: Now what?

The last step involves getting down to work, creating and generating the list of subscribed clients that you are targeting. We will present this step to you in the last article of this series that we have prepared to help you to promote your company using email marketing.  Stay connected!

Table of contents
  1. # 1- Have a direct impact on the target audience:
  2. # 2- Know your clients:
  3. # 3- Retain your clients:
  4. # 4- Invest little and gain a lot
  5. # 5- Get immediate results
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