7 Summer drinks to attract clients to your restaurant

ElTenedor bebidas de verano para atraer clientes en agosto 2018 al restaurante

Food is not the only way to attract clients to your restaurant: summer drinks can also be the stars of the show, especially during the summer when clients may be thirstier and looking for an enjoyable way to rehydrate. As well as offering the usual soft and alcoholic drinks, it's well worth having an interesting, tempting and original drinks menu available.

These are some of the reasons why:


TheFork 7 Summer drinks to attract clients to your restaurant

Drinks help to entice more clients, as in the summer they can be sold as core products alongside food.


TheFork 7 Summer drinks to attract clients to your restaurant

They help increase average spend during July and August as clients can stay at their table for longer after a meal while they enjoy a few drinks.


TheFork 7 Summer drinks to attract clients to your restaurant

Summer drinks help sell summer aperitifs, tapas and sharing dishes.


TheFork 7 Summer drinks to attract clients to your restaurant

They improve the restaurant's image as they help provide a more comprehensive offering than that of other businesses.

There's no better way of finding out which drinks are current hot favourites than to look at the sector trends. This summer, there's one particular technique being used in most drinks:

Infusions with fruit, herbs and spices

Thanks to more people trying to be healthier, natural and unprocessed artisan drinks are current favourites. For restaurants, a good option is to infuse drinks with fresh ingredients like seasonal fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices to create healthier refreshing drinks. This simple technique is more cost-effective than using more expensive commercial products.

Here are various ideas for summer drinks in line with these trends which are suitable for all tastes, no matter your potential clients:


TheFork 7 Summer drinks to attract clients to your restaurant


Homemade waters

Although the best way to quench summer thirst may be to have a drink of water, we're not talking about boring and insipid plain water, but waters infused with mint, strawberry, orange, lemon and cucumber, all served cold and colourful. Some eco-friendly restaurants offer their own "freshly made" water which has been filtered in their kitchens and infused. Their clients love it.

You could try this idea out at your business by offering homemade and infused waters to go with your summer menus or give them out as free, fresh welcome drinks when your clients arrive. This is sure to make a big impact!

For example, at Honest Greens restaurant in Madrid, they serve 100% homemade waters and offer a refill service.

All our waters are 100% homemade. We infuse them with fruit, fresh herbs and agave and you can have as many refills as you like. 🍊🍏🍎

Post shared by honest greens (@honestgreens) on 2 July 2018 at 7:47 PDT



TheFork 7 Summer drinks to attract clients to your restaurant

Coconut water

On the topic of thirst-quenching waters, coconut water is delicious and a great hydrator. It has a sweetness about it and clients are increasingly aware of it, drinking more and more. You could put your own versions of coconut water on your menu by adding mint, basil, lavender or spices and selling them as fantastic summer drinks.

You'll need to find a good coconut provider or a cost-effective and high-quality coconut water brand. You can also include coconut water in cocktails and mocktails. At Secret 8 by Buddha-Bar in Paris, coconut water is the main ingredient in their Bulle de fleur cocktail.

Bulle de fleur is a floral cocktail with coconut and citrus notes, perfect for your summer nights! 🍸👌🌸 Prosecco ∙ Jax Coco coconut water ∙ lime ∙ elderflower. #secret8bybuddhabar #tigreblancparisofficiel #secret8 #canyoukeepasecret #newvision #secretplace #cocktails #mixology #secrets #cocktailsparis #experience #tellnobody #passioncocktails

Post shared by Secret 8 by Buddha-Bar (@secret8bybuddhabar) on 31 July 2018 at 8:02 PDT



TheFork 7 Summer drinks to attract clients to your restaurant

New sangrias

Sangria is a summer classic containing the perfect combination of wine, fruit and ice for a refreshing summer drink. In 2018, sangria has been given a fresh twist with new fruits, liquors, herbs and other ingredients, giving sangria lovers something new to think about.

This year, there are watermelon sangrias mixed with sparkling rosé and citrus. Mango, mint and rum sangrias are also available. Strawberry sangria with rosé cider and spices is also on offer. You could do some experiments with your bartender to create delicious sangrias to surprise your clients. This versatile drink is especially loved by millennials and makes a light and gentle way to drink alcohol in the summer.


TheFork 7 Summer drinks to attract clients to your restaurant

Sorbet tea

Iced tea is another classic for July and August. But what if you added in some sorbet? Clients are sure to love it. With the current health trend, teas (especially green and matcha) have become fashionable and make perfect additions to summer drinks menus.

One example is Caj Chai in Barcelona, which is swamped with clients wanting to try their infinite variety of teas in the winter, as well as in the summer when they make delicious iced options. The two most popular drinks are Chai Tea and Matcha Tea with sorbets in the same flavours.

#summertime #terraza #barcelona #matcha #vegan #icecream #icedtea #helado by @delacrembcn #tea by #cajchai and #mothernature

Post shared by Caj Chai Teahouse (@caj_chai_teahouse) on 10 August 2017 at 5:57 PDT



TheFork 7 Summer drinks to attract clients to your restaurant

Digestive mocktails

Clients are now looking for restaurants where they can enjoy a healthy dining experience. This is what non-alcoholic summer drinks (or mocktails) offer, especially those made using ingredients with beneficial properties which are big this summer. The most popular use digestive, stimulant and diuretic ingredients like turmeric, mint, cinnamon, cumin and particularly ginger, which is already the king of healthy drinks thanks to its potent flavour.

Include delicious digestive mocktails as core summer drinks on your menu and tell your clients about their nutritional properties...they're sure to be back!


TheFork 7 Summer drinks to attract clients to your restaurant

Colourful cocktails

For clients who prefer an alcoholic cocktail, this season is especially colourful as red berries are currently fashionable summer drink bases. Cranberries, strawberries and raspberries with tequila, rum, vodka, gin and citrus flavours are refreshing and delicious combinations that guests will love.

Red berry cocktails are also attractive thanks to their vibrant colours which make them the ideal way to promote the restaurant on TheFork, TripAdvisor and social media. For example, if you're offering strawberry mojitos or cranberry gin and tonics, you could post spectacular photos on Instagram, and make Stories featuring clients trying them or longer videos for Instagram TV showing how you make them.  Tèrra _Cucina in Copenhagen has done exactly this:

{gin&tonic} have you tried our fantastic gin & tonics ?!? Come and taste what @mirko.cph our mixologist have made for your gin&tonic pit stop @terra_cucina 💛 📸@albertekrogs #ryesgade #ryesgade65 #terra_cocktail #terra_cucina #foodie #winebar #cocktails #gin&tonic #ginandtonic #gintonic #bestibyen #bestintown #copenhagen #marconi46 @panareagin @molettogin_official #italianstyle #italiangin #foodiegram #ginfever #cph #kbh #søerne #østerbro #trattoria_urbana #mixology #themixologist #signaturecocktail

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TheFork 7 Summer drinks to attract clients to your restaurant

Cold-pressed juice

Natural cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices which lose none of their nutrients and flavour are also fashionable drinks gaining momentum this summer. Restaurants attracting clients with these drinks offer a variety of options which they serve ice-cold, giving them an energising, detoxifying, antioxidant or vitamin-boosting effect, depending on the ingredients.

You can also decorate cold-pressed juices with peel and seeds from your kitchen prep and be part of the trash cooking trend which uses ingredients to the max. If your health-conscious clients are aware that you're using resources in a sustainable way and recycling, they will be more inclined to return.

At Tía Santa restaurant in Barcelona, these are the most requested drinks.

Refresca este sábado con un delicioso y nutritivo Cold Press Juice de @thejuiceloverbcn 🍍🍎 . Stay fresh with one of these delicious Cold Press Juices by @thejuiceloverbcn #coldpressjuice #nutritive #healthylife #foodiesbarcelona #coldpress

Post shared by Tia Santa restaurant (@restaurantetiasanta) on 4 August 2018 at 8:25 PDT


Looking for a delicious and refreshing summer drink? Of course you are! Just imagine how your clients will feel if they can enjoy options like these at your restaurant. They won't want to leave! Cheers!

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