5 Tips to receive more reservations thanks to Instagram

Published 07.03.2023 - Last update 06.14.2024
Instagram for restaurants
Table of contents
  1. Tip 1: Get your content game on point 
  2. Tip 2: Quality is key 
  3. Tip 3: Add a reservation button 
  4. Tip 4: Engage with your followers
  5. Tip 5: Test the power of promotion
  6. How can you receive reservations through Instagram?

Almost everyone has Instagram on their phones these days, with a massive user base in the UK alone.  That's why we've got some handy tips to help you boost your bookings using Instagram... So, let's dive right in and make the most of this popular app for your restaurant.

Tip 1: Get your content game on point 

Creating a killer content strategy doesn't have to be complicated. It's basically a plan that answers some important questions about your Instagram profile:

  • Why are you creating content? (What's your purpose?)
  • Who's your target audience?
  • What kind of content are you sharing?
  • When's the best time to post? 

You can involve your staff in this process to bring in fresh ideas. Who knows, maybe you've got a social media superstar in your team who can help you get creative. 

By aligning your Instagram content with your restaurant's vibe, you'll give potential customers a sneak peek into the amazing experience they can expect. Oh, and having a content calendar will keep you on track with regular posting, attracting even more hungry diners.


Maken van een contenstrategie

Tip 2: Quality is key 

If you want to entice people to book a table, your Instagram content needs to be drool-worthy. Quality matters! Invest in a good camera (could even be a great smartphone) or hire a photographer who can capture mouthwatering shots of your delicious dishes, cozy interior, and everything else that represents your business.

And don't forget the power of words! Craft engaging captions that perfectly convey your restaurant's concept. By consistently posting interesting and well-thought-out content, you'll establish a unique style that reflects your brand. Providing a complete brand experience on Instagram will definitely lead to more reservations.

Gerecht met coquilles

Tip 3: Add a reservation button 

Make it super easy for potential guests to book a table at your restaurant. With TheFork, you can add a reservation button to your Instagram profile. This nifty "Reserve" button will be right there in your main menu and show live availability through TheFork. Since more and more people rely on Instagram for information, this button will catch their attention right away. Plus, reservations made through this button won't cost you any commission fees, just like those made through your website or Facebook. 

If you're already working with TheFork, reach out to our support team to add the reserve button. And if you're not using TheFork yet but are interested, you can contact us right here.


This nifty "Reserve" button will be right there in your main menu and show live availability through TheFork

Reserveerknop op Instagram

Tip 4: Engage with your followers

Instagram makes it super easy to interact with your followers. People love to share their dining experiences by posting stories. How many times have you seen guests snapping a quick pic of their delicious plate before diving in? When you're tagged or mentioned, take it as an invitation to start a conversation with your guest. Add a personal touch to their dining experience and create lasting memories. This could be the difference between someone recommending your restaurant to their friends or not.

You can also initiate interaction by using Instagram stories. Try hosting a Q&A session, conducting polls, or encouraging your guests to share their visits in their own stories. This way, your restaurant will be seen by not only your followers but also their followers, increasing your brand awareness and online reach. More guests via Instagram, here you come!

Restaurant interieur

Tip 5: Test the power of promotion

Chances are, your restaurant's Instagram account is a business profile, which comes with some cool perks like detailed stats and the ability to boost your posts. Boosting a post means investing some money to make it more visible among Instagram users. You can set specific goals for your boosted posts. Do you want to attract new followers or draw attention to your call-to-action button, like the reserve button through TheFork? You can even target specific demographics, like age or location.

Start small with your budget and duration, and experiment with different approaches to see what works best for your restaurant. You don't have to spend a fortune right away. Through this testing process, you'll discover strategies that attract more followers and guests on Instagram.


How can you receive reservations through Instagram?

Through TheFork, you can add a booking button to your Instagram profile. That's always a bit of a look, but we're happy to help you get started. You don't pay any commission for these reservations, which is also the case for guests who join you via your website, Facebook or Google (with a Pro+ package).

Are you curious what working with TheFork can bring to your restaurant? We will gladly explain it to you without any obligation. More information can be found here. Let's make your restaurant shine on Instagram!