The Best Tools To Complement Your Restaurant Management Software

Published 02.05.2024 - Last update 02.08.2024
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  1. The Best Tools To Complement Your Restaurant Management Software 
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  3. Eight types of restaurant management software that complement TheFork Manager

The Best Tools To Complement Your Restaurant Management Software 

Managing a restaurant requires a combination of management skills, creativity, and excellent customer service. Every element, from staff management to the culinary offerings, plays a crucial role in determining your restaurant's success. To help you with this, take advantage of platforms like TheFork Manager, which provide a range of tools to manage your restaurant efficiently and with ease.

Technology has transformed the restaurant industry, replacing old business practices such as manually tracking inventory or logging reservations with more efficient restaurant management software like TheFork Manager. TheFork Manager is designed to help restaurateurs centralise reservations, maximise occupancy rates, combat no-shows, retain customers, and implement a tableside payment system.

That’s not all. TheFork Manager can also help with:

  1. Increasing visibility

By joining TheFork community, you also gain visibility by creating a personalised page for your restaurant showcasing your menu, restaurant décor and food images. Customers can then easily reserve tables at your restaurant on TheFork website or app 24/7.

You can also install reservation buttons for free on your social media channels and website, so customers can easily book tables on those channels without any commission charges.

  1. Improving restaurant SEO

On TheFork, your restaurant immediately reaches an audience of 20 million* people visiting our site each month. You’ll become better indexed on Google, automatically increasing your number of reservations.

  1. Building customer loyalty and personalising their experience

Customer reviews on TheFork are certified, and only those who have dined at your restaurant can leave a review. With TheFork Manager, you can review, respond, and collect private feedback to understand your customers' preferences and gain invaluable insights. You can also create a private database to record customer preferences and send personalised email and SMS communications.

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Eight types of restaurant management software that complement TheFork Manager

  1. Cash management software

Well-designed cash management software has become an essential tool for restaurant owners, offering a simple solution to easily manage payments. It saves you time, improves your restaurant’s efficiency, and allows for better cost control while minimising human errors.

Employees can easily take orders, manage payments, and track cash inflows and outflows, reducing billing errors and financial losses. Try cash management software like Lightspeed, L’Addition, or Zelty, which are all tailored to the needs of restaurateurs.

  1. Stock management software

Take better control of your supplies, avoid stocks, and minimise losses with stock management software. The right software, like Koust, Yokitup or Symbioz can help you stay organised and manage your resources with advanced features like loss monitoring, production planning, and stock level tracking. You can also easily record stock ins and outs and generate detailed reports on product movements.

  1. Employee recruitment software

Hiring the right personnel is crucial for any restaurant. To simplify this process, many restaurateurs turn to specialised personnel recruitment software which helps them post job offers, review candidate profiles, schedule interviews, and manage the entire recruitment process online. Cookorico, Extracadabra or Brigad are excellent user-friendly platforms designed to solve your restaurant’s recruitment needs.  

  1. Personnel management software

Managing personnel is a complicated task, but with the help of personnel management software, restaurant owners can easily handle employee schedules, salaries, and human resources documents in one place. RH Suite, Combo, or Skello are some examples of such software that offer powerful features to streamline administrative tasks and optimise employee management.

  1. Cash flow management software

Cash flow management software allows restaurant managers to make informed financial decisions. With the right software like Libeo or Pennylane, you can track expenses, manage invoices and payments, all while having a real-time view of your financial records. To further optimise your financial management, invest in software tailored to reduce financial risks and ensure the stability and growth of your restaurant.

  1. Hygiene management software

High hygiene standards are essential to ensure customer satisfaction and compliance with health standards. Hygiene management software like ePack Hygiene or Traqfood will simplify your daily management while ensuring compliance with health regulations. In one single tool, you can easily create procedure checklists, track actions taken, record health inspections and generate reports for health inspectors.

  1. Delivery management software

To meet the growing demand for home delivery services, restaurateurs can use specialised delivery management software which offers a way to efficiently manage delivery orders and ensure a seamless customer experience. It simplifies online order management, delivery scheduling, driver tracking, and payment processing. Apps like Uber Eats, Deliveroo, and Just Eats are well-known examples of delivery management software that facilitate orders, increase your restaurant's visibility, and give you access to all-important customer feedback and reviews.

  1. Communication management software

Having a presence on one or more social networks like Facebook or Instagram is a great way to promote your restaurant online. Communication management software like Social Kitchen allows you to centralise and manage your communication across various social networks, easily create content to optimise your marketing campaigns, and boost your visibility.

Simplify your restaurant management by starting with TheFork Manager.

Table of contents
  1. The Best Tools To Complement Your Restaurant Management Software 
  2. Try TheFork now
  3. Eight types of restaurant management software that complement TheFork Manager
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