Participate in “Back to the Restaurant” to fill in your empty tables!

Back to the restaurants

Accelerate your business recovery with Back to the Restaurant

At TheFork, our teams are committed more than ever to support our 80,000 restaurant partners and accelerate their recovery. Given COVID-19 context, we conducted a survey and discovered that 67% of our restaurant partners questioned still had less than 50% restaurant occupancy.

This very same study also shows that according to our restaurant partners, the most effective marketing levers to activate to fill in their empty tables would be:


Based on these industry insights and following our core mission, we decided to work on the biggest initiative ever launched to support the restaurant industry: Back to the Restaurant.

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Discover how Back to the Restaurant will accelerate your business recovery!

Today, we know that you have 3 main challenges as restaurant owners: Fill in your empty tables, increase your restaurant revenue and boost your online visibility. If you participate in the Back to the Restaurant event, you’ll be able to achieve these goals .

In fact, at TheFork, when a restaurant participates in an event and offers a 50% discount to diners, the restaurant gets on average:

  • its bookings multiplied by 5.8* compared to restaurant without discount

We also notice that restaurants offering 50% discounts during TheFork events get:

  •  an extra boost on their occupancy all week especially from Thursday to Sunday

  •  their ratings multiplied by 6.3* compared restaurant without discount

We're ready to help you accelerate your business recovery!

Participate in the Back to the Restaurant event to boost your restaurant visibility and multiply your bookings.

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*data taken from an internal TheFork Study about restaurants who participated to festival with 50% discount

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