Participate to Back to the Restaurant event to boost your reservations

Back to the Restaurant event

Join Back to the Restaurant event to boost your restaurant visibility and generate more reservations!

As TheFork our mission has always been to increase your restaurant revenue, your reservations, maximize your visibility  and optimize your activity. 

 In these past months the industry has experienced an unprecedented crisis, and we, as a company, supported your restaurant being at your side along this journey. 

Today, we want to move to the next level by creating the biggest initiative ever launched : BACK TO THE RESTAURANT.  It is time to reach full speed for the restaurant industry, it is time for restaurants to generate more revenue, to fill your places with dinners, just  like before or maybe even more. 

The time has come to recover and enjoy with thousands of users' gastronomy around the world. . We’ve joined forces with partners, chefs, and the association of restaurants to make this happen.


Join Back to the Restaurant

Boost your business recovery

What’s Back to the Restaurant?

It’s the biggest initiative EVER launched to support restaurants in 20 countries and towards 20 million diners that will again enjoy food excellence in the 10.000 restaurants participating during 60 days.


How does it work?

Back to the Restaurant event will take place from September 17th to November 17th and 

diners will be offered 50% discount to enjoy coming back to their favourite restaurant and discover new ones to celebrate gastronomy with friends, family and colleagues.


What’s in it for your restaurant? 

  • Easily fill in your restaurant! Participating restaurants are likely to get 4 times* more reservations than non participating restaurants and 2 times more reservations after the event.


  • Multiply  your restaurant revenue by 2,6**and benefit from 2,4 times more gross margin during the operation to better and quicker recover from covid-19 crisis.


  • Benefit from enhanced advertising  and get 4 times more reviews and traffic thanks to: advertising of the event on TV shows, newsletters sent to millions of TheFork users,Facebook and Instagram campaigns, advertising on TheFork website and app and dedicated TheFork Blog Posts.


Why should your restaurant participate ?

The ambition of Back to the Restaurant  is to help restaurants recover from covid-19 crisis and our data show that during the 60 days of Back to the Restaurant, participating restaurants will get 4 times more reservations than the ones not participating. This booking increase effect will continue even after the festival since we estimate that participating restaurants will receive on average 2 times more reservations (thanks to the boost in reviews and traffic during the event). A business opportunity you should not miss!


Bet on Back to the Restaurant event to speed up your restaurant recovery! Contact your account manager right now to participate in the festival and boost your business.

Not restaurant partner yet ? Join us right now and benefit from Back to the Restaurant festival to fill in your restaurant.


*Internal data from LaFourchette during the Q3 2019 festival in France from 21/06/19 to 21/09/2019 & after the Q3 2019 festival from 23/09/2019 to 06/10/2019

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